Easy Summer Styles for Busy Active Mamas

Sarah East
by Sarah East

Check out these 3 casual and stylish outfits for you busy moms! Perfect for this warm summer weather and keeping up with kiddos.

Outfit number one.

This outfit is good for a chillier summer day or perhaps in the evening when the sun goes down.

I'm sporting a forest green kimono that I picked up at target. Target doesn’t carry this one anymore but here is a link to one that is equally cute but not the same because I can’t find another one!

I’m wearing old navy black rockstar skinny jeans that I have had for ages. They last and last! Here is a link for those. And they are on sale right now so snag some up! You’re welcome 😉

The graphic tee I’m wearing is Lynyrd Skynyrd and I scored it off Etsy.com at a super adorable little shop that has tons of super rad graphic tees. Check them out here!

My shoes are slip on vans that I custom designed to be black and leopard print but you can find some similar ones here.

my necklace I’m wearing is my absolute favorite statement necklace. I get tons of compliments on it every time I wear it. I picked it up on Amazon.com. Do yourself a favor and get one!

Outfit number two

I’m 6’1 so dresses often fit me like tunic tops. I picked up this cute boho Gypsy style top at a yard sale, however it is target brand and you can find a similar one here.

My brown floppy hat is also from target and you can find a similar one here. The one I am wearing is felt. This one is straw which is equally, if not more, cute in my opinion. I’m a big fan of floppy hats. All hats for that matter. I love hat! Sporting these with some basic skinny jeans and Birkenstock’s. Birks for life! Here is a link to one of my favorite pairs sandals ❤️ I will literally never be without a pair from this point forward.

Last but not least! Outfit number three

Super simple and basic. Easy to put together. It’s comfortable and I feel cute in it!

I’m sporting distressed rockstar skinny jeans from oldnavy. Again these bad boys are on a killer sale! Snag some up. They do in fact rock and make you feel like a star.

my tank top is flowy and cozy with a sweet floral pattern. Here is a similar tank that is actually way cuter in my opinion. Check it out!

keeping it classic with some high top chuck Tayler’s. Now I know some people only swear by the low

tops because high tops are for nerds. I guess I’m a nerd because I think they are CUTE! I love low tops too 😉 I don’t discriminate my converse. Here is a link for these. If they don’t have your size check out converse website. They should have them. I don’t suggest getting them anywhere else because in my experience you get fakes. Stick with the real stuff. They will last longer.

thanks for checking out my 3 casual summer mom outfits. I hope you enjoyed them. More to come.


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