Monograms- Not Just for the Preppy Dresser..

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Monograms- Not just for the preppy dresser..

So many people have ways to describe their style; classic, preppy, edgy, high end... I could really never pin point what my style "word" is. One thing that I do know is that I can tell you what it is NOT. Preppy was never something I used to describe my style. I don't own a ton of oxfords, or polos, or floral print things. I also tended to stay away from things monograms because I only saw them on super preppy dressers. But I always loved the way it looked, and I really happen to love my initials. Why shouldn't I be able to wear monograms and infuse it into my own style.

If you love monograms but want to wear them a different way here are the three things I suggest:

  1. Find prints that are different or edgy.

This super cute sweatshirt from United Monograms is perfect for the monogram lover. It is designer inspired so it looks super stylish and it includes colors that can go with just about everything. If you are looking for a more preppy type of look they do offer other colors that are a little more bright and cheery if you aren't into the white, black, and brown.

2. Pair the monogram with things that are not "preppy"

I got this cozy pull-over from Marley Lilly and instantly fell in love. I thought it looked like something that would pair great with a pair of ripped jeans! I decided to try this look out for a family hike we did in Western Maryland. I felt like the jeans and the Sorel boots really helped to edge up the monogrammed sweatshirt. I also chose a color that was very neutral so that it didn't appear too bright or loud., If you are going for that look, these sweatshirts come in MANY colors.

3. Choose a monogram that is small and created with neutral colors.

I chose this gorgeous button down from Marley Lilly because the monogram was small and the print was all done in neutral colors. The tones of both the monogram and the plaid allow this shirt to be worn with just about anything; jeans, leggings, shorts, etc. If you are looking for something with brighter colors Marley Lilly includes all types of color combinations!

Monograms are for everyone! Rock those monograms how ever and with whatever you want! If you love monograms but have been worried about trying them I hope that you will consider some of my tips and tricks to make the monogram fit best with your style!

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