Use Iron-On Patches to Fix & Decorate a Sweater

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Hello Readers. Sometimes clothes get worn out. It happens. But if you love something and want to keep wearing it and make it last longer there are ways to mend and repair clothes that anyone can do.

Feeling inspired?

If your clothes have holes in them, here are some beautiful iron on patches that Amazon reviewers swear by!

This old sweater is a favorite because it is oversized and super soft. You can buy a new sweater or thrift a similar cozy sweater. You could also steal one from you grandpa, dad, brother, uncle, boyfriend or husband.

You cover that hole with a patch. Holes like this can get bigger and bigger if they are not mended. If you don't sew you might think you can't fix this. But you can. You can use an iron on patch. No sewing needed.

I ordered a set of daisy patches from Amazon. you can find them at a sewing supple or fabric store too. I got about 2 dozen. I had a few holes in this old favorite sweater and I wanted to cover the holes and I wanted to scatter some flowers all over the sweater. This will mend and cover the holes. It is also going to decorate and brighten up the sweater when I add extra flowers all around.

I placed the flower patch on top of the hole. I tried to center it right on the hole but I didn't stress about it too much. As long as the flower covers the hole it will keep the hole from getting larger.

I used my iron to press the patch onto the sweater. I set my iron to a medium-high temperature and it only took a minute to set the patch. I pressed the patch in place and held the iron on it until the patch was really fused to the sweater.

There is no rule or plan to this. I just put patches all around. I wanted it to be a random scattering of flowers. I didn't want them in a line or an organized design. I thought the random placement would be more fun.

This sweater is soft and cozy and oversize. It's my favorite on cold days. I didn't want to let it go. The patches will give some extra life and time with this old favorite. I also really liked how the daisies brightened up the plain dark gray color too. Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself.


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  • Bet ! Bet ! on Feb 28, 2024

    I have done this a few times . I was out watering the garden one morning wearing a lovely top my Mum had given me when a car went past & some-one threw out a cigarette butt which burnt a hole in my top . I was so upset as I loved that top . Took me awhile to figure out how to fix it but when I did what you did my sisters didn't recognise it as the top Mum had given me !Still got that top & still wear it. ♥️