DIY: Transforming a Dress Into a Cardi, Plus Turban!

by Lucybertoldi
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30 Minutes

Do you have any turtleneck dresses that you're getting tired of but love the print? This would be the case for this animal print dress...

I love that leopard print I'm not ready to pass this one on just yet. So, here goes!

2) Cut off the turtleneck part at the seam- set aside for now.

2- Hem the two sides, plus the collar part, to avoid fraying (I did this by hand but it's super faster by sewing machine!

Almost done!

How cute is that?! Now for the next part that will make this cardi super original!

1) Slit two tiny holes (and I didn't even bother to stitch these- but you certainly could if you want to !)

Here's one side ( the slits are just enough to pass your thumb through it).

And here's a closer to look to the other side...

2) These holes (one on each side) will be for you to pass one of your favourite scarves through them!

Just fold the scarf in half and start the looping!

This is where you can get as creative as you'd like to make original looks while securing your scarf (no buttons needed!). Just pass the scarf through as such and fasten:

Here's one look where I just twirled the scarf a few times around my neck (this all depends on how the length of your scarf):

Here's a tidier look: tied around the neck with a big bow. You can also choose to tie it and just tuck it in the back.

Here's a fun 'over the shoulder' creation bu just flipping the ends like a shawl right over the shoulders (super fast and easy and an instant couture look;)

But that's not all! Don't waste that turtleneck part you cut off!

Leave it as is- no sewing required!! Just wear it around your head for a super cool look!

How neat is that!!

Check out my video for a better look at this! It's incredibly easy!!

Thanks for watching- I hope you'll try this fun DIY!

Suggested materials:
  • A turtleneck dress   (my wardrobe)

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