Valentine Elbow Patches

Chickie W.U.
by Chickie W.U.
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1 Hour

Hello Readers. I wanted to jazz up this striped sweater and Valentine's Day is the perfect time. Bright pink elbow patches sounded like an easy and fun project to me.

Heart shaped elbow patches.

I have had this cotton sweater for quite a while and I love the cheerful colors. Any sweater would work for this idea. Just grab one from your closet. The pink stripes on the sweater gave me an idea. 

I had some pink some scrap fabric. This pink T-shirt sleeve would work well to decorate my striped sweater. 

I cut out heart shapes from fusible interfacing and ironed it onto the pink fabric. The pink fabric is very soft and the edges would curl under making it difficult to work with. The interfacing adheres to the fabric and makes the pink fabric a little thicker and stiffer. I am going to sew these hearts on my sweater and this will make it easier to do that. You might not need to use interfacing if you make hearts out of thicker fabric. If you use interfacing, follow the directions on the package.

I cut out my hearts and made sure they were the same size. I wanted them to be identical. I was ready to start hand sewing them onto the elbows of my sweater. 

Hand sewing is not my favorite thing to do but it's not hard and you have a lot of control when you sew by hand. I wanted a decorative stitch made of embroidery floss but you could just sew them on with tiny stitches and regular thread. Do what ever works for you. 

My sweater was ready to go shopping for Valentines. It is almost February 14th. Go get a card and a box of chocolates for your special someone or even yourself ASAP!

I liked how the blanket stitch looked. It had a hand-made, home-spun look. But remember you can use any kind of stitching you like. Thanks for reading along, now go make something fun for yourself. 

Suggested materials:
  • Sweater   (My closet.)
  • Scrap Fabric   (On-hand.)
  • Fusible Interfacing   (Sewing Supply Store)

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