Three Quick & Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

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It’s finally spooky week! Whether you’re in need of a group costume, a cute costume or a single costume, I’ve got you covered! Here are a few of my favorite costumes from year’s past.

This is a great costume for a group of friends! My college gang and I did this costume our senior year, and we got so many compliments on it. For the most part, you can use regular clothes you have in your closet or hit up Goodwill if you’re missing anything. For instance, I was shaggy and just threw on a pair of khakis and a green shirt. Cover a cereal box with a “Scooby snacks” label and you’re good to go! 

This might be my favorite Halloween costume ever! All you need is a t-shirt, a bandana, letters, and lots and lots of tule! You can definitely buy a tulle skirt, but if you’re strapped for time to have something shipped, you can make your own in a couple hours. We got plain tees and ironed on letters to make the tops. Easy and so cute!

Need a quick costume for yourself and want to make everyone at the party giggle? This Monica costume from Friends is easy and hilarious. If you don’t recognize the episode, it’s the one where they’re all on vacation and Monica’s hair frizzes up. I chose to buy a poofy wig, but you could also tease your hair if you have the right texture. Then, find a Hawaiian shirt or tank, wear a baseball cap backwards, and don’t forget the ping pong paddle! 

What are your Halloween plans this year? Will you take any of these ideas?

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