How to Upsize a Shirred Top (a Batwing Shirt Refashion)

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See that fabulously embroidered rusty orange shirt below? It began life as a boringly beastly black batwing top.

Here’s how to upsize a shirred top (a batwing shirt refashion):

Ugh! A too tight shirred waist, annoying flappy sleeves and nearly invisible embroidery!

I really wanted to take that embroidery out of the shadows so I gave the shirt a 30 minute bath in bleach.

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Once laundered, I flipped it inside out and carefully removed that tight shirring at the waist and side seams with my trusty seam ripper.

I then stitched the front and back together again to create a new side seam and a much improved sleeve shape (+ salvage some more of that lovely embroidery that was previously hidden by the annoying batwing sleeves)

Then folded the shirt evenly in half and used the first finished seams as a template for the other side.

Once the new side seams were created and all of the excess fabric chopped off I zigzagged the interior seams for extra strength + to help prevent fraying and my groovy new top was nearly complete.

A second bath in rusty orange dye finished it off! Check out that (now visible) fab embroidery!

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That too tight flappy sleeved top is now transformed into a loose and breezy wardrobe fave!

– Be sure to check out my upsizing tutorial category for more groovy fixes –

Suggested materials:
  • Shirred batwing top
  • Seam ripper
  • Bleach
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