DIY Two Styles of Crop Tops From T-Shirts

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Crop tops are everything right now! Learn how to DIY two different styles and make the most amazing crop tops to add to your closet! You can use T-shirts you already have sitting in your closet at home and make the most gorgeous crop tops that can be styled in so many different ways! Follow this easy, step-by-step tutorial and learn the ins and outs of making the cutest crop tops for any occasion. This DIY is so simple and easy that you’ll never have to look for these fashion statement pieces in the store again!

Tools and materials:

  • Two T-shirts
  • Elastic
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Sewing machine
  • Pins
  • Safety pin
How to make a DIY crop top
Pin the top

Pin the shirt where you want to cut it. You should do this while the shirt is on so that you will feel comfortable when it’s cropped.  

Cut the top
Cut the top

Cut a straight line just above your pin.

Cut two strips
Make a drawstring

To create a drawstring for this gorgeous crop top, cut two strips from the excess T-shirt fabric. The drawstring adds such a stunning element to this crop top! 

Sew the strips

Once your strips of fabric have been cut, sew the two strips together. 

DIY tie-front crop top

Fold your new long strip, right sides together. Once your fold is in place, sew the fold along the raw edges. 

Attach a safety pin

Attach a safety pin to the inside of the strap and push it through to the other end. This will allow you to turn the strip right side out. 

Turn right side out

Now you can easily turn the strap the right side out by pulling out the right side of the fabric. 

Fold the fabric
Attach the drawstring

Make a double fold about a half-inch from the bottom of the shirt and topstitch it down to make sure your new cropped top has a perfect finish. This little channel will be for your drawstring.

Cut two holes

Next, cut two holes into your new hem to thread the drawstring through. Make sure the holes are at the center of your shirt.

Thread the drawstring through

Clip a safety pin onto one end of the drawstring and thread it through one of the holes in the shirt. Keep threading until it reaches the second hole.

DIY cute crop tops

Tie it at the front and there you have it, the most amazing drawstring crop top!

Pin the top
Pin the T-shirt

For this next style, you once again will need to pin the T where you want to cut it. 

DIY oversized crop top
Cut the top

Take your scissors and cut along the pinned line to create the perfect crop. 

Measure the elastic
Add the elastic

To get the perfect measurement for the elastic that will be added to the bottom of the top, measure your waist and minus 1 inch from that measurement. 

Fold the fabric over

Next, fold the bottom of the cut T over the elastic and pin the edge of the fold to the T-shirt fabric. 

Sew the fold

Remove the elastic and sew along your pinned line. Make sure to leave a small gap to put the elastic through. 

Pull the elastic through

Attach a safety pin to one end of the elastic and pull it through the gap you left in the bottom of your top.

Topstitch the elastic

Once the other side of the elastic is all the way through, overlap the two ends, and topstitch them together. Make sure to also topstitch closed the small gap you had left earlier to ensure a neat finish on your new and improved top. 

DIY crop tops from t-shirts

I adore this elastic cropped style! What other crop top ideas do you have? Let me know in the comments below! 

Suggested materials:
  • Two T-shirts
  • Elastic
  • Scissors
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