7 Simple Steps to Sewing a Corset Top (With Boning & Eyelets)

Julia Rafael
by Julia Rafael
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Sewing a corset top sounds a little challenging, right? But it’s actually pretty easy. In this DIY corset top tutorial, I'll show you how to sew a corset top with or without boning, using this corset top sewing pattern (size small) by Kiana Bonollo.

Tools and materials:

  • Lightweight, oversized top
  • Sewing machine
  • Pins
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Pattern
  • Interfacing
  • Shell fabric
  • Eyelets
  • Boning (or thick zip ties)
  • Eyelet tool
  • Ribbon
The top before transforming it into a corset

This top, as it is, is not something I’d wear, but there’s nothing like a good upcycle, right? So, let's get this transformation on the road! 

Removing shoulder pads

1. Prep your top

Start by taking out the shoulder pads- if you also have these. Don’t discard them though, you can save them for later. 

Cutting the fabric

Fabric from the top

Next, cut the whole top up at the seams. Like this, you can see how much fabric you have to work with, and this was what I got out of it. Quite a lot!

Using the pattern on the fabric

Now, lay your pattern pieces on the fabric to see how they would all fit together. 

Creating a mockup of the pattern

2. Create a mock-up

I used some scrap fabric to create a mockup of the pattern; as you can see, it fits well. 

Cutting out three versions of the pattern

3. Cut the pieces

I cut each pattern piece three times, one for the interfacing, main fabric, and shell fabric. 

Interfacing ironed on the back of the fabric

Now, iron the interfacing to the back of the shell fabric; this is how it should look. 

Corset top sewing pattern

And, of course, your main fabric pieces. 

Assembling the DIY corset top

4. Assemble the corset top

First, sew up the cup pieces, then connect them to the center-side. 

All the vertical seams sewn together

Next, sew all the vertical seams. 

How to make a corset top

Repeat the same process for the whole fabric, and then pin the main fabric, right sides down, to the interfacing. Then, sew the side seams together. 

Sew your own corset

Then, fold the side seam allowance to the lining, and sew it down. 

Pinning the fabric pieces together

Pin the top and bottoms sides of both pieces so they do not move. 

Creating bias tape for the corset top

5. Apply the bias tape

It’s time to apply the bias tape. Make sure the strip is long enough for the whole corset top, and press in each side to the middle, as shown. 

Tip: I used a bias tape maker for my bias tape, but you can do it manually if you don’t have one. 

Sewing the bias to the top

With right sides facing, sew the bias to the top. 

Folding the bias tape on the corset top

Fold the end of the strip inward, right by the corner. Then fold the excess bias tape twice over to the other side. 

How to sew corset boning

6. How to sew corset boning

Draw three lines on the back sides of the corset top. These will be for the boning and eyelets. 

Tip: I used a thick zip tie for the boning since the boning I had was kind of flimsy. 

DIY corset boning

Also, mark two lines on either side of every seam. Next, stitch along these lines to create channels. 

Inserting the boning into the corset top

Insert the boning into the channels, as shown. 

Applying bias tape to the hem of the top

Next, apply the bias tape to the bottom of the top. 

Marking the eyelets on the corset top

7. How to add eyelets to a corset top

Now, mark where your eyelets will be.

Applying the eyelets to the corset top

Then, apply the eyelets, as shown. 

Adding ribbon to the corset eyelets

Now, make a long strip to feed through the eyelets at the back of the corset top. 

DIY corset top

Sewing a corset tutorial

Sewing a corset tutorial

That’s it! from old and oversized to trendy and super stylish! What do you think of this amazing DIY corset top transformation? I love how it looks, and it’s perfect for those occasions where you need to dress up.

Now that you know how to make a corset top, why not try this out for yourself?

Suggested materials:
  • Lightweight, oversized top
  • Sewing machine
  • Pins
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