Viral Hack for Making Your Bun Look Bigger for Thin Hair

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I’ve been looking at a few viral hair hacks to see if they work with fine, shorter hair like mine.

I found this hack to make your half up bun look fuller and I think it’s an improvement.

Check it out!

Tools and materials:

  • Thick hair tie
Gathering hair

1. Gather

Gather up the whole top layer of your hair and pull it through a hair tie.

Flipping hair

2. Flip up

Twist the hair tie close to your hair.

Flip the ends of your hair up over the tie towards the front of your head.

Wrapping hair

3. Wrap

Wrap the loop of the tie over the base of your hair to make a small bun, leaving the ends free.

Flipping hair

4. Flip down

Twist the tie again.

Tying hair

Bring the ends of your hair down over the bun and loop them over the fingers of your other hand.

Tying hair

Release the tie over your hair.

Fanning hair

5. Fan

Fan out the bun to get as much volume into it as you can.

Viral hack for making your bun look bigger for thin hair

Viral hack for making your bun look bigger for thin hair

The style puts extra hair into your bun so it looks thicker and fuller.

You might want to try it a few times for practice, but it’s easy once you get the hang of it.

So now I want to know what you think - does it look better than the way you usually do it?

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Suggested materials:
  • Thick hair tie

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