Where To Put Bronzer - 3 Ways to Use Bronzer You Need to Know

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Hello everybody, welcome back to my home studio! Today's topic is going to be all about bronzer, and specifically where to put bronzer. I’ll be sharing my three favorite ways to use bronzer and showing you how to apply bronzer properly. So let's go ahead and get into it.

Tools and materials:

  • Bronzer
  • Eyeshadow brush
  • Blending brush

Why use bronzer?

Bronzer gives you a healthy-looking complexion and warms up the skin tone. It gives a sun-kissed look without the actual suntan, which we all know is not good for us!

I also tend to use bronzer for light contouring. There is a difference between using a bronzer just to bronze the skin and then to contour, but you can do light contouring with a bronzer as long as you've chosen the right color.

How to use bronzer for beginners

How do I pick the right bronzer? 

A general rule of thumb is to pick a bronzer about two shades darker than your natural skin tone. If you go much darker, it's going to look fake and unrealistic.

I prefer a bronzer with a matte finish. When you tan in the sun, do you have shimmer and glitter all over your face? No. So choosing a matte formula is important for a realistic glow. 

In this video, I’m using Makeup Revolution’s Mega Bronzer, but you can use the same techniques with any bronzer.

How to apply bronzer

1. How to use bronzer as eyeshadow

My first use for bronzer is a more unconventional way. And that is, to use your bronzer as eyeshadow. Think about it. If your bronzer is good enough for your entire face and your neck and your chest, it's going to work just as well for your eyelids.

Now, I already have lashes on and a bit of eyeshadow. I'm going to use the bronzer to give more dimension to my eyelid. I take my eyeshadow brush, put it in the bronzer, then blow off the excess. 

Where to apply bronzer

Then, I'm going to rub it right along the socket crease of my eye bed to really play up that crease. 

How to use bronzer properly

Can you see the difference? The left eye has bronzer and the right doesn’t. The left has way more dimension. Now, repeat on the other side.

How to use bronzer on your eyes

Now I’ve finished my bronzer eyeshadow, you can see the results. It goes perfectly with the rest of my look, especially as I’m going to use the same bronzer elsewhere in my makeup.

How to use a bronzer on your face

2. How to apply bronzer to cheekbones

The next way I use bronzer is to sculpt my cheekbones and warm up my skin tone. For this look, I'm going to use the Scott Barnes #64 brush - I believe it's a sculpt and blush brush. 

Blending bronzer into the cheekbones

I tap the brush into my bronzer and go right underneath the cheekbone, up to the temple and the top of the ear. 


Should I apply my blush first, or my bronzer? 

It doesn’t matter as long as you blend, and when you think you've blended enough, blend some more! I have on blush already, so I'm going right underneath that blush; starting from the top of my ear, and taking it right underneath the cheekbone. 


This gives the illusion of more chiseled cheekbones than I actually have. 

Other ways to use bronzer

3. How to use bronzer on your neck

One of my favorite places to put bronzer that a lot of people don't think about is right underneath your chin. Here's the thing: this part of our neck doesn’t get much sun. Our faces get a lot of sun, but our neck tends to look a lot paler than the rest of our face and our chest. 

When I lift my chin up, you can see how that's just a little bit lighter than the rest of my neck. So I'm going to hit right underneath that chin. This is really easy and you'll be amazed how good it looks when you’re evening up the skin tone.

How to use bronzer on the chin and neck

I go up to the ear on both sides, to make sure that it's nice and even, and I haven't left any white spots. Also, by warming up this part of the neck and the chin, the bronzer actually creates a slimming effect along your jawline. 

Where to put bronzer - makeup tips for beginners

Where to put bronzer tutorial

Okay, y'all, that is it for this tutorial on where to put bronzer. I hope this gave you a good or a different perspective on how to use bronzer. I love bronzer; I think it’s a very underrated product.

Let me know what you think of this tutorial in the comments below.

Products used

Kevyn Aucoin Eyeshadow Brush

Scott Barnes #64 Brush

Makeup Revolution Mega Bronzer

Suggested materials:
  • Bronzer
  • Eyeshadow brush
  • Blending brush

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