Why Red Is The Colour Of The Year

Milly Elizabeth
by Milly Elizabeth
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Red is not only the color of the season but the year! This is because it is a classic and timeless color. The color represents many things including love. Love is all around. Including in our love for fashion!

Red clothing can look classy and sophisticated when done right. I think especially during the autumn/winter seasons a deeper cherry red looks better than a classic red, this is because it’s more seasonally appropriate. You find the deeper tones naturally in the environment, for example, in the fallen leaves. The vampy colour also resonates with Halloween and vampires being celebrated in the autumn season.

I have picked out the best pieces to ensure you look your best and feel your most confident self when wearing the items.

I think to look the most sophisticated when wearing these deep shades of red is to incorporate it into your shoes, bags, coats, etc. This way ensures you will look put together and that you have strategically styled your outfit this way on purpose. This is also more sustainable as you know your clothes will match with any other accessories you may have in other colors.

My favourite shoes in this tone are the Stuart Weitzman boots as well as the Saint Laurent Heels. Sam Edelman’s chunky loafers will be your first choice for a casual but stylish shoe. They are well made and affordable, so you don’t always have to spend a lot for great quality footwear. To pair with the shoes I have found a variety of handbags, including my favorite one which is also from Saint Laurent. It has a croc leather as well as the classic YSL logo on the front in a complimentary gold tone which looks classy and not tacky like some logos can be.

An optional piece would be this seasons Max Mara wrap coat. A well-made wrap coat will always look elegant. In the spring and summer a more orange-toned red looks better and more seasonally appropriate when compared to the deep maroon tones. With the sun being brighter in the summer season a brighter color is needed, it will make you radiate a warm glow.

The classiest way to wear this color in summer is with a bright color. A dress will always be my go-to choice and then paired with understated accessories. Or alternatively a simpler dress with the color incorporated into your accessories, e.g., bags, shoes, etc.

Two perfect dress options are; a Victoria Beckham one shoulder midi dress and Jacquemus jersey long dress. The Jacquemus dress paired with Lulu’s feather heels creates the ultimate glamorous look.

Following these steps will ensure you look the most sophisticated in this color! This is why red will always be timeless and forever the color of the year.

classic red tweed set

Cherry red bag styles with a white shirt

Suggested materials:
  • Feathers   (Lulu)
  • Croc leather   (Ysl)

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