5 Winter Capsule Wardrobe Items

Emma Does Fashion
by Emma Does Fashion

Brrr, it's chilly! That can only mean one thing... lush knitwear, creamy cashmere, bobble hats... It's my favourite time of year for fashion so I've compiled a list of 5 wardrobe pieces I could not live without in Winter.

A wrap coat is essential throughout Autumn and Winter in the UK. It's my favourite kind of coat because it can be so easily dressed up or down and works for every occasion: the office, an evening out, a restaurant, a wedding, a job interview, a funeral. I actually had this Santinni coat made in a bespoke black colour because I needed a smart black coat for a funeral and didn't want to buy something quickly that I didn't even really like that much.

People often worry that wrap coats won't be warm enough, but I've taken mine to countries like Germany and Iceland in the middle of winter and have been fine. You just need to make sure it has at least 70% wool content - if there's some cashmere squeezed in, even better!

And cashmere is definitely the best material when it comes to scarves. I've always been a lover of scarves but I don't remember those big chunky ones ever actually keeping me very warm, whereas my Burberry one does the job while still being so lightweight that it doesn't add any bulk to my outfits and can roll up easily in a travel bag.

I went for the classic Burberry check but they do all sorts of colourways now to suit everyone's style. Of course, if you don't want to spend hundreds of pounds on a scarf (understandable), you can get much more reasonably priced alternatives at Brandalley, John Lewis and The Edinburgh Woollen Mill. Even high street brands like Primark and H&M now offer cashmere pieces at affordable prices.

My favourite way to combine style and comfort is a pair of block-heeled boots. I ADORE boots - they are just the most beautiful footwear, I have always had a thing about them. My favourite thing about them is that they are often quite comfy too! Even a stiletto boot can feel OK because there is so much support elsewhere on the foot, but you can't beat a block heel for comfort. I love block-heeled boots for trips to cities where I know I'll be walking a lot.

I know what you're going to say - skinny jeans are out! But there's no denying you can't tuck any other style of jeans into boots as perfectly as skinny jeans!

This is my favourite way to wear jeans - I don't really wear them outside of Autumn/Winter, so I will always stick to skinnies because I want to wear them with my long boots. I love black pairs best because I find them more streamlining, and I love pairing with a black knit for a monochromatic look.

Knitwear is my number 1 favourite thing to buy - whenever I do a haul, it's always the jumpers I end up keeping. I particularly love cashmere for its body-temperature benefits and of course, just how soft it is. You can however find decent knitwear on the high street - H&M do some really nice jumpers and you'll often find their knitwear is a mix of synthetic and natural materials so you're getting good value for money.

What are your winter clothing items and accessories you couldn't live without? Tell me in the comments!

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