5 Cute & Casual New Year Outfits For Celebrating NYE at Home

Marina Popovic
by Marina Popovic

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Today, I have put together five casual New Year's outfits for five different New Year situations. Using only pieces you have in your closet, you can create outfits that are stylish and a perfect fit for the holidays, even if you're not planning on going out to celebrate New Year's Eve.

Whether you are staying home, having a Zoom celebration, or a date out with your partner, here are some cute and casual New Year's outfit options for you!

Cute New Year’s Eve outfit for a casual party

1. Roommate party

Here, I'm wearing a green turtleneck sweater dress and knee-high heeled boots. I am pairing this outfit with some chic gold jewelry. 

This look is great for celebrating at home with your roommates or best friends! It's comfortable and stylish; perfect for an at-home New Year celebration.

Casual New Year outfits for cold weather

2. Family party

Next, I'm wearing a sparkly striped top tucked into sleek trousers and a chunky belt. I'm pairing this look with heels to make it more elevated.  

This look is meant for a New Year party spent with family. The trousers are super comfortable and casual. Pairing this outfit with heels will give the whole look a holiday and festive spirit.

Sexy New Year outfit for a NYE date

3. Date with your partner

In this look, I'm wearing a sparkly black dress paired with a belt and heels. This look is super basic, but also classy.

If you're spending New Year with your partner, a little black dress is super feminine and romantic.

Cute and casual Zoom New Year’s Eve outfit

4. Zoom party

For this look, I'm wearing a white blazer and a lacy champagne-colored tank top. On the bottom, I'm wearing tan slacks and heels.

If you're far from loved ones this season, this outfit is sure to pop on camera (as long as you avoid red wine!). It would also work well for a Zoom office Christmas party, as blazers look professional as well as stylish. 

Although I'm wearing slacks and heels, you could swap these for sweatpants and slippers if you only plan on showing yourself from the waist up!

Casual New Year outfit for at-home NYE plans

5. Loungewear chic

For this look, I'm wearing comfortable tights and a short-sleeved sweater dress. This look is essentially elevated loungewear. For those of us who like to be relaxed and laidback, a sweater dress and tights are the way to go!

Cute & casual New Year outfit ideas

There you have it, five casual New Year outfits for those of us who don't plan on going out to formal parties this year! We have casual, classy, comfy, and chic! Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, there is an outfit here for you! Happy Holidays!

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