11 Easy Tips on How to Layer Clothes for Winter

Yulia Astrea
by Yulia Astrea
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Are you trying to find the best way to look fashionable through the winter while still keeping warm?

Here are some tips for layering your clothing, so you still look cute, without freezing. There are a few different styles to go for, depending on just how cold it is where you live.

Fall outfit

1. Start with your cute fall outfit

I’m going to start with this simple skirt and t-shirt set. It’s a really cute outfit, but I need to do something with it, or else I’ll freeze!

Adding tights

2. Wear ballet tights

Instead of bare legs, or thin nylons, switch your leg wear to ballet tights in a neutral color.

They won’t distract from your outfit, but they will add warmth!

Adding a sweater

3. Add a sweater

Layer a neutral light sweater of your t-shirt, and tuck it in for extra style.

Adding socks

4. Wear socks for extra warmth

If it’s really cold where you live, then add a pair of wool-blend, over-the-knee socks over your tights.

Adding a jacket

5. Put on a jacket

A stylish leather jacket to top off your outfit is just the thing for extra warmth, and to cut the wind.

Fall outfit

6. Here’s another layered look

I started with the same basic outfit as before, but this time I layered on a mock turtleneck sweater and tucked it in.

Adding a tank top

7. Add a tank top

Layer a tank top over your turtleneck. It’s a cute look, and easy to remove if you find yourself too hot.

Alternatively, if this isn’t really your style, you can put the tank top under your sweater.

Adding a jacket

8. Add your jacket

Finally, layer on your leather jacket to finish the look.

Adding tights

9.  When it’s really, really, freezing!

If it’s really freezing, but you still want to wear a skirt, put on some nice thick cotton tights.

There are also fleece-lined tights that you can get, that will keep you really toasty warm.

Adding socks

Double-up your foot warmth by adding a pair of mid-calf fleece-lined socks over your warm tights.

Because they are shorter than the socks used in step 4, they can be hidden under some boots and no-one will know you’re wearing them.

Adding a chunky sweater

10. Finish with a chunky sweater

Put on a thick chunky sweater over your turtleneck and just give it half-tuck for style.

Adding fleece leggings

11. If you are still cold….

Add some fleece-lined leggings under your skirt.

Adding a wool coat

And top off your whole outfit with a nice coordinating wool coat.

How to layer clothes for winter

How to layer clothes for winter

Now, you can still wear your cute skirts in the winter, but not be freezing cold while you look stylish.

If you liked these tips for how to layer clothes for the winter fashionably, then leave a comment to let me know.

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