How to Wear Summer Clothes During Winter: 3 Simple Styling Tricks

Shirley Yu
by Shirley Yu

You no longer have to worry about turning your closet around completely from season to season because, in this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to wear summer clothes during winter.

You can still stay warm and cozy while wearing your favorite summer dresses. Read on to find out how.

Blue summer dress

Tip 1 - Layer underneath

I’ve been wearing this sleeveless blue dress throughout the summer, and I think it’s so cute.

Layering a turtleneck under the summer dress

Obviously, the light material wouldn’t be warm enough to wear in the winter, so I’ve taken a lilac turtleneck and have layered it underneath.

Blue and purple are such a perfect match; they really complement each other. I’ve also added some fluffy boots to keep my feet nice and toasty. 

One great thing about layering a top underneath a dress like this is that you can open up the buttons on the dress and create that exposed, v-shaped neckline. Of course, you also have the option to button it up as well.

Wearing a turtleneck under a hoodie

Next, I’ve replaced the dress with a sleeveless hoodie that is very long like a dress.

Again, I have the lilac turtleneck underneath to keep me warm in the colder months.

On my feet, I have a pair of sneakers which, of course, can never be outdated.

How to wear summer dresses in the winter

From white to black. Here we have another sleeveless dress; I paired it with a chain belt for that extra touch.

Tip 2 - Layer on top

Summer strappy dress

For the next tip, first put on your favorite strappy dress, whether it is a mini one like mine or something longer. 

Turning a summer dress into a winter outfit

To make it winter-appropriate, add a pair of tights or leggings to keep your legs warm, then add a sweater on top to cover the rest of your upper body and create that beautiful layered effect.

Here, I’ve gone for a bit of a monochrome look with black, white, and gray. Similar shades always look great together in an outfit and create a balanced look.

To finish it off, I’ve belted the waist to add some more definition.

Layering summer clothes for winter

Here’s an alternative style. Instead of wearing a sweater on top, you can wear your dress with a mini-cardigan. I’ve added a belt to complete the look. Every detail counts. 

Changing summer to winter outfits

Long cardigans can be great too. Here I’m wearing one that is almost the same length as the dress; it’s nice and flowy. 

Summer clothes vs winter clothes

You could also go for a medium-length cardigan. I don’t hate it, but I prefer the mini or longer one better as I think that they are more flattering. 

Tip 3 - Add high boots

Differences between summer & winter clothes

This is another one of my favorite summer dresses. 

How to wear summer clothes during winter

Pairing a summer dress with long over-the-knee boots is a great way to replace leggings to keep your legs warm, and they just go so well with a dress like this.

Then, I’ve added an infinity scarf to keep my neck warm, though you could go for other types of scarves too. The final touches are a belt and a jacket, and then I’m ready for the winter weather. 

How to wear summer clothes during winter

I hope you enjoyed these three tips showing you how to turn your summer dresses into beautiful fall and winter styles.

As I said, you don’t have to turn your whole wardrobe over from one season to the next. Using these simple tricks, you can still get the most out of your summer pieces. 

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