5 Prints & Colors to Wear During Winter to Improve Your Winter Style

In this style guide, Giedre is going to share her approach about how to style colors and prints in the winter. Giedre will talk you through everything that you need to know to put together stylish outfits that look balanced, harmonious, and winter-appropriate. Let's get started!

How to style dresses in winter

1. Winter print

When it comes to prints in winter, Giedre loves opting for a winter print with black or navy or another dark color as the background. Giedre also loves diffusing dark colors with brighter tones.

This dress that she is wearing has small dots of red, blue, yellow, and white, which creates a fun element and helps to balance out the black background.

In order to create visual harmony, Giedre loves repeating the prints that she sees in her outfit. So, for example, with this dotted dress that has, of course, round shapes, she has opted for a rounded buckle belt. 

Winter wear for women

And then she could go for a round necklace or round earrings just to repeat that geometric shape. Giedre went with high boots for footwear, and then to accessorize she chose a red bag that matches the red tone in the dress.

Fun colors to wear for winter

2. Pop of color

For the next outfit, Giedre was looking into how she could style this beautiful skirt with an abstract print.

At first, she tried to look for a top that had one of the colors found in the skirt, but then she found a bright purple blouse that compliments the skirt nicely.

When the color is a little bit strong, you can diffuse it by adding a third piece on top; here Giedre has added a blazer.

In order to create color harmony, Giedre brought the sleeves of the blazer up a little bit higher so that the bottom part of the blouse would be visible. She finalized the look with knee-high boots.

The best colors to wear in winter

3. Monochromatic look

Here Giedre has styled a shirt dress. It looks quite nice on its own; however, Giedre felt that the color and the contrast were a little bit too strong on her.

Therefore, she decided to layer it with a simple white turtleneck to add some white color around her face and freshen up this color combination.

The dress came with its own belt, however Giedre decided to opt for a leather belt instead as this way she could add her unique touch to the look.

Since the sleeves of the dress are quite long and voluminous, Giedre brought them up a little bit higher so that a pop of the white turtleneck could peek out.

To finish off the look, she added some jewelry and her high boots that work so well with everything.

Neutral toned casual style for winter

4. Beige tones

This season, Giedre is attracted to light and bright colors, so she is wearing a lot of beige and neutral tones.

To ensure that those neutral tones don’t make her look washed out, she likes to add a little more intense color next to those beige tones, which also helps to elevate the look.

In order to spice up this beige blouse, Giedre added a beautiful yellow skirt that also repeats the neutral beige tone of the blouse in its pattern.

To coordinate with the beige tones in this outfit, she added a pair of beige-tone boots.

Prints and colors to wear during winter

5. Similar color family

Giedre started building the next outfit with this statement blouse. Giedre loves wearing abstract prints, especially when the colors are diffused and you’re looking and thinking about how it was created (at least she does!)

When she chooses a statement blouse like this, she loves picking out colors from it and using them elsewhere in the outfit to create visual color harmony.

However, sometimes Giedre chooses colors that are not exactly the same as those found in the blouse but something very close to them. This helps to create visual harmony, but it also adds interest, and other colors that might not be so expected.

Here, she style the blouse with some brown pants, boots in a similar tone to the pants and finished the outfit off with a belt and a bag.

Prints and colors to wear during winter

There we have five tips for how you can dress stylish and put-together in the winter by being attentive to the colors and prints that you chose.

Following these tips will help you to be mindful about what pieces you are choosing and what you are pairing them with, ensuring that you look the best you possibly can this season!

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