10-Minute Natural Makeup: How to Quickly Do Makeup in 10 Minutes

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10 Minutes

Today’s look is one that I wear so very often because it really takes me 10 minutes to put it together! This 10-minute natural makeup look is amazing for those days where you don’t have time but still want to look presentable.

What it does is even out my skin tone and add color to my face and eyes. So, be sure to check out my tutorial below and see how doable this 10-minute makeup challenge is!

Tools and materials:

  • Primer
  • Eye primer
  • Assorted brushes
  • BB cream
  • Bronzer
  • Blush
  • Beauty blender
  • Concealer
  • HD powder
  • Mascara
  • Eyeliner
  • Soft natural light eyeshadow
  • Lip liner
  • Lipstick
Applying primer to the back of the hand

1. Apply primer

Add a small amount of primer to the back of your hand and apply it all over your face. 

Applying eye primer

Don’t forget the eyeshadow primer! It’s essential to prep your eyelids before applying any eyeshadow as it creates a smooth surface. 

Applying and blending BB cream

2. Apply BB cream

In this 10-minute makeup tutorial, I’m going to use BB cream instead of foundation. If you want something with heavier coverage, feel free to add foundation. It’s really an intuitive look, so apply anything you think would work great on you.

Here, I’m dabbing some BB cream to my face and then blending it in with my foundation brush. 

Smoothing the BB cream with a beauty blender

Now smooth out the BB cream with a beauty blender. It gives off a lovely satin finish. 

Applying concealer under the eyes

3. Add concealer

Now, add your favorite concealer. I use a little flat brush for this part as I really don’t need a lot of product. Apply it to your under-eye area. Then, go back with a beauty blender and smooth it out. 

Setting concealer with HD powder

Next, use a little HD powder to set your under-eye concealer. 

Applying bronzer to the face for definition

4. Apply bronzer and blush

Now it’s time to add some color to your face! Apply your favorite bronzer next to your hairline and on your jaw. This will give your face more definition. 

Tip: Use a big fluffy brush for this step. 

Applying blush to the outside of the cheeks

Dab your favorite blush on the outside of your cheeks. Make sure you choose a soft, easy, and natural color. Then, go back in with your big fluffy brush to smooth and blend it out. 

Applying bronzer as eyeshadow

5. Apply eyeshadow

I’ll be using my bronzer for this step. Take an eyeshadow brush and apply bronzer all over your eyelid and right into the crease. It gives off a warm and cozy color. 

Blending bronzer on the eyelid

Blend the bronzer with a large and fluffy eyeshadow brush. 

Applying a light eyeshadow under the brows

Apply a light cream-colored eyeshadow underneath your eyebrows; this will act as a highlighter. 

Applying mascara and eyeliner

6. Apply eyeliner and mascara

We’re almost done with this 10-minute makeup look! All you have to do is tightline your eyes with black eyeliner and then, apply mascara. 

Applying lip liner and lipstick

7. Apply lip liner and lipstick

I’m going for a pretty pink color for my lips. Something soft and natural is the way to go. So, go ahead and line your lips, then put on your favorite lipstick. 

10-minute natural makeup

10-minute natural makeup tutorial

Isn’t this 10-minute natural makeup so pretty? I also want to stress that I used drugstore makeup products throughout this tutorial. What do you think? I love it! It gives me perfect coverage and color.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to do makeup in 10 minutes. Thanks for joining, and see you again next time. 

Suggested materials:
  • Primer
  • Eye primer
  • Assorted brushes
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  • Maggie Maggie on Dec 19, 2021

    I shall definitely try some of these products. I have been looking for an affordable gray-toned foundation for decades, ever since my favorite was discontinued in the 1980s. Nothing else blends with my complexion color (I am a cool auburn.) However, you specified the name brand of the BB so quickly that I didn't catch it. Could you please print it for us?

  • Deborah Deborah on Dec 19, 2021

    Where do you get it?