Gorgeous 5-minute Eye Makeup Tutorial

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Are you looking for a new eye makeup routine that is quick and easy – perfect when you are crunched for time? Follow along with this fool-proof, 5-minute eye makeup tutorial for an easy and glamorous look.

I’ll be using a brown palette that leans toward cooler shades. Take a look at the color palette that I will use for this easy eye makeup tutorial. You will need similar shades.

Natasha Denona Camel Palette

1. Apply the darkest brown eyeshadow

Pull your hair away from your face using two clips or tie your hair up.

Use a small and pointed eyeshadow brush to apply the darkest brown just above the crease of your eyes. Blend it out so that it isn’t too thick.

Applying brown eyeshadow

2. Apply a medium brown eyeshadow

Use a brown shadow that matches the shade in the middle of my palette:

Natasha Denona Camel Palette

Apply this shade above the dark brown on both eyelids, blending it upward.

Applying brown eyeshadow

3. Apply a warm, medium brown eyeshadow

Choose a warmer brown shade, like the shade I’m pointing to on the left. 

Natasha Denona Camel Palette

Use this color to shade the outer lid.

Applying brown eyeshadow

Connect it with the darker shade at the crease.

Adding dark brown eyeshadow

4. Go back to the darkest brown

Deepen the brown at the crease with the darkest shade that you applied earlier, applying it specifically at the outer quarter of the crease.

Adding dark brown eyeshadow

5. Apply a light shimmer shade

Now choose a shade that resembles this light, shimmering shade that I’m pointing to here.

Natasha Denona Camel Palette

Apply this shade to the inner corners of both eyes and pull it toward the center of the eyelids.

Adding light shimmer

6. Apply a brown shimmer

Choose a brown shimmer, like the one I’m pointing to here:

Natasha Denona Camel Palette

Using the clean side of the same brush, apply this brown shimmer from the middle of the eyelids toward the ends. 

Adding brown shimmer

This is such a beautiful color. You can wet your brush for a more intense color if you want, but just building them up dry works really well.

7. Touch up with the light shimmer

Go back and brighten the inner eyes with the light shimmer, as the other shades might have covered it slightly.

Also, apply it on the transition between the dark and light shimmers.

Adding more shimmer

8. Accent again with the darkest brown

With the darkest brown, stamp it on at the outer ends of the eyelids, connecting again to the dark crease.

Accenting with darkest brown

 Then blend it in to slightly blur the lines, upward and outward.

Blending eyeshadow

9. Line your lower eyelashes

Use the dark brown once more to define the lower lash line.

Lining lower lashes

Blend on top of that dark brown and underneath it slightly using the medium brown from step 3. 

Adding eyeshadow beneath eyes

10. Apply eyeliner

Use an eyeliner pencil as close as possible to line the top lashes, from the outside until about halfway into the eyelids.

Add a slight wing if you’d like. 

Applying eyeliner

Next, blend it in your bottom lashes, only halfway again.

Blending eyeliner

11. Apply mascara

Finally, to add a slight pop, apply mascara to your top and bottom lashes.

5-minute eye makeup

And here is the final look! As you can see, I went with a red lip to match my top, so it’s perfect for the holiday season.

To tone the look down for everyday wear, I recommend going with a nude lip color.

Completed 5-minute eye makeup

I hope this tutorial inspires you to try out this 5-minute eye makeup routine. Because of the neutral colors, I think this look could go from every day to fancy quite seamlessly. What do you think?

Products used:

ND Camel palette

UK https://rstyle.me/+b4ZCab4TCSO9_sHAWW...

US https://rstyle.me/+8EpXUdxsQyQnFkzNfT...

Rephr Brushes ( 14, 15, 02, 32, 26,12) https://www.rephr.com/?vr=qwqewa

Mac 217 brush

Delilah eye liner-Twig https://delilahcosmetics.com/collecti...

Wunder2 lip liner & lipstick "Gimme Red"

UK https://www.wunder2.co.uk/collections...


US https://www.wunder2.com/collections/l...


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  • Cool browns eyeshadow palette
  • Assorted eyeshadow brushes
  • Brown eyeliner
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