How to Put Insta-Worthy Outfits Together

Emma Does Fashion
by Emma Does Fashion

We all have those influencers whose style we adore, whose profiles we go to as soon as we see the notification that they've posted. How do they make their outfits look so effortless? Here's some tips and tricks to come up with your own outfits that will look amazing on the gram.

Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise.

There are a lot of plain and simple outfits on Instagram and personally I love that minimalist style, but, much like on The Great British Bake Off, if you're going to go for something simple, you have to do it really, really well!

When I posted this autumnal outfit complete with cape, fedora and skinny tan belt, I got really good feedback from my followers. Carefully consider the finishing touches to help make your look stand out.

It's also important to dress for your body shape. We are all different and we all shine our brightest when wearing things that suit us really well. I love this cape but my figure just wouldn't look right if I let it hang loose. I therefore belted the waist to accentuate rather than hide my figure, which makes me feel more confident and my followers have also told me that they love seeing me style outfits for the hourglass body type.

Match your outfit to your surroundings.

Sometimes we forget to have fun with fashion! One way I like to play around with my style is to think about my plans for the day and imagine what a character in a film might wear if she had those things on the agenda. For a day of pumpkin picking, I wore a cute little shirt dress with an orange-brown floral pattern which looked amazing with all the cute autumnal pumpkins in the background!

You can have so much fun with this technique. If you're going on a picnic, imagine what a character like Anne of Green Gables might wear to that picnic and see if you can achieve that look with items you already own. It makes for a beautiful outfit and a gorgeous photo!

Your own life can be aspirational.

We all know that Instagram is a farce. Nothing on there is real! So why not embrace that dreamy element when you're getting dressed yourself? For a photoshoot in chilly, windy Scotland, I wore my favourite figure-flattering swimsuit, a beautiful lace-effect cover-up from Primark and my fabulous 'out of office' slogan hat - all of which are items I will definitely be taking to the Maldives with me later this year. Just because you're not going anywhere tropical doesn't mean you can't get excited about what you're going to wear!

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