Making a No-Sew Leather Wrap Belt

Chickie W.U.
by Chickie W.U.
3 Materials
30 Minutes

Hello Readers. This post is sort of a part 2. The first project was a skirt with fringe. You can see it in my previous post. I had cut a lot of the skirt off when I refashioned it. What should I do with the extra? I did not throw it away, I made a wrap belt.

Before and after.

When I shortened this leather skirt recently I had to cut off about 5 inches from the bottom. I saved it because I thought I could make a wrap belt from it. You can cut up a skirt or use a piece of a jacket. Any piece of leather or pleather you can get your hands on will work for this project. It just has to wrap around your middle.

This is a good look at the piece I was working with. It is from the bottom of the skirt where the back slit was. It was a good sized piece to make a belt.

I cut the leather into a different shape. I wanted it to be wide in the center, that would go on my waist in back. The 2 ends would be more narrow, they would be wrapped around and cross over each other in front. If that sounds confusing, keep reading, it will be clear in a moment.

I took one end and punched a hole through it. I tried to center my hole and stay in the middle of the edge. I used a hole punch for sewing because it is very sharp and it had a mat to protect my table. It cut easier than I thought it would, it was very sharp.

I used a piece of leather cord. My piece was about 72 inches in length. You can adjust the cord based on your size and how any times you want to wrap it around yourself.

You can see the hole I punched in the leather at the bottom of the photo. I put the cord through the hole and that was it. The belt just needed to be wrapped around me.

You can see how the belt is wrapped here. I sped up the video a little to save you time but it is really simple. I wrapped the belt close to the body and wrapped the cord around the belt. The cord is fed through that one hole so the whole thing doesn't shift around. I didn't tie the cord to the belt. I wanted it to be totally adjustable. Thanksgiving is coming, I need all my clothes to cooperate with my stomach because I will be eating enough potatoes for 5 people. And then dessert.

I put the belt on with this black outfit. It was dressy but those pants are elastic. (Perfect for Thanksgiving. Bring on the pumpkin pie!) The belt hid the elastic really well. It elevated the whole look, and it was so easy to make!

Thanks for reading along, And to think it was made from the scraps of this skirt, now go make something fun for yourself.


Suggested materials:
  • Leather/Pleather   (Thrifted/Scraps)
  • Leather Cord   (Sewing Supply Store)
  • Hole Punch   (Sewing Supply Store)

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