No Belt Loop? No Problem

by Christina
2 Materials
2 Minutes

No belt loop? No problem! I’m going to show you a great hack for this exact situation.

It’s also a great way to turn something into a belt, like a big chain or a scarf.

Tools and materials:

  • Belt
  • Black rubberband
Grabbing belt

1. Grab a rubber band and your belt

You know when you don’t have the belt loop for that extra bit of belt that’s hanging out and you don’t want it hanging down on your leg?

A rubber band is a great way to keep it up. Here’s how you do it.

Looping and tying rubber band

2. Loop and tie the rubber band

Looping and tying rubber band

Loop the rubber band through itself, around the belt at the section where the extra strap needs to be fastened.

I recommend using a black rubber band that will blend in instead of the standard brown rubber band. That would be too obvious.

Remember, this can also be a cool way to make a belt out of something that isn’t one.

Simple belt hack

Simple belt hack

Simple belt hack

This works so well and can really help elevate your belt game. Give this hack a try and leave me a comment. Let me know what you think!

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Suggested materials:
  • Belt
  • Black rubberband

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  • JanM JanM on Jun 10, 2023

    When I was issued my security uniform they gave me a black leather belt about a fit too long! Even with the pant’s belt loops I needed something to hold the belt in place. I used the small black rubber bands and they worked like a charm. I rolled them onto the belt before I put it through the belt loops, then adjusted them where I wanted to keep the belt together. It worked so well I found packages of the cute colored rubber bands and used them to hold my other colored belts neatly in place on my civilian clothes. They can even be a cute decorative color addition if you choose to do so.