Fashionable Ways to Style a Belt

by Marina

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A belt creates a feminine, hourglass silhouette that enhances your figure. I adore wearing them and think that they can easily elevate a look. Here I'm going to show you my favorite ways to style a belt.

How to style a belt

Color blocking

This look is pretty simple and is all neutral from head to toe. A belt helps add dimension to this look, and I’ve tucked the jumper into the trousers to showcase it. Whenever you wear an outfit that is the same tone from head to toe, you risk looking a bit frumpy and dull. Adding a statement belt can add some sort of element to the look that breaks it up and makes it look interesting. The belt adds a different tone but still belongs to the same color blend. I also like how I’ve tucked the front of the top in but have left the back hanging out. This is always an option that you have when it comes to styling belts - you don’t have to tuck your top in all the way around.

How to wear a belt

High-waisted trousers

Here I have on a pair of cropped black trousers, a black turtleneck, and tan heels. I'm wearing a belt with the high-waisted trousers which allows me to sinch my waist even more. Sinching your waist makes you look so much more elegant; it pulls you in and creates a silhouette to your overall look. I also love how I matched the belt with the heels, and I've included a coat in a similar tone. A great styling tip is to match the color of your belt to one or some of your other accessories.

Wear a belt

Statement buckle

This is a simple black belt that has a statement buckle. With this look, I haven't done anything special; I'm just wearing black pumps, black trousers, and a silky champagne shirt. The shirt is already very beautiful but belting it elevates the look and makes it look even classier. I placed the belt at the point where my waist is the slimmest to show off my figure.

Belt style

Simple but smart

This look is just a follow-up from the previous one. If it weren't for the belt, this look would be really basic and a bit boring, but just placing a belt on my waist adds an elegant element to my look.

Styling a belt

With a dress

I styled this dress by just placing a blazer on top of it and sinching the waist with a belt. This outfit is so stylish and chic and makes excellent workwear.

How to style a long belt

Around the hips

Here I'm wearing mid-rise skinny jeans. In previous examples, I was showing you high-rise trousers. Now the belt is lower down, around the top of my hips instead of around my waist (with low-rise trousers, the belt would be around the middle/bottom of my hips). I've paired the jeans with a loose and airy blouse, and I tucked the front part behind the belt.

A belt is a great accessory to add to whatever you’re wearing. Match it with your other accessories for a coordinated and put together look. You can either choose to keep it simple or go for something a bit more fancy with a stand-out buckle.

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