How to Sew a Face Mask Without a Sewing Machine

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It looks like face masks may be around for a while. I was searching for the perfect face mask when I decided to make my own. I love that I could choose my own fabric designs! Just because you’re practicing social distancing and protecting others and yourself doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous while doing it! Check out my tutorial to see how you can get creative and make gorgeous reversible and washable face masks without the hassle of a sewing machine.

Tools and Materials

Tools and Materials:

  • Scissors
  • Disposable mask
  • Needle and thread
  • Fabric
  • Burp cloth 
  • Elastics
Fold the disposable mask
Prepare the materials

Start by folding your disposable mask in half.

Make your own face mask

Once you’ve folded it, stretch it out. It’s important to stretch it so that when you start tracing, you are left with the perfect mask shape.

Fold the fabric

Now that your disposable mask is ready to be traced you are going to fold your fabric. I chose to use this pretty floral design, but you can choose whatever style fabric you want. If you have extra cute fabrics at home try to use those. In that way, your mask protects the environment as well as other people. 

Trace the disposable mask

In this step take a pen and begin tracing the shape of your disposable mask onto the fabric. Leave about half an inch when tracing so that your new mask will be nothing short of perfection! 

Cut the fabric
Cut the fabric

Now that you’ve finished tracing, start cutting the fabric.

Easy DIY face mask

When you’re done cutting you should be left with this. Now that you’ve mastered these first steps, repeat them with your other fabrics. 

Make your own face mask
Sew the mask

Now that your fabrics are cut and ready, place the burp cloth onto one of the pieces of fabric. 

DIY face mask

Fold the fabrics so that the burp cloth is on the outside. I am a bit of a perfectionist, but it’s important to try and get the fabrics as in line as possible so that the end result will be flawless!

Sew the fabrics

Start sewing the fabrics together on the curved side. You’ll be left with one gorgeous side of your reversible mask. Then take your other piece of fabric and sew it on its curved side. Once you’ve done this, you’ll end up with one piece already attached to the burp cloth and one separate. 

How to make your own face mask

Take your piece of fabric and place it over the one attached to the burp cloth. Make sure you place it so that the side you don’t want to see is facing up. Don’t worry, you’ll be flipping it over soon enough. Sew the upper and lower sides of the mask, but leave the sides unsewn, we’ll need those open for our next step. 

Flip it over

In this step, carefully flip it over to the right side. I love this step! It’s so satisfying watching your mask come together. Now all that’s left to do is add the elastics. 

cut the elastics
Attach the elastics

Before the elastics can be attached to your mask you need to cut them to size. I cut my elastics between sixteen to twenty cm, but you can cut them according to the size you need. 

DIY face mask

I love nothing more than a nice clean finish on my projects! To get just that for this mask, fold in your unsewn sides making sure that no burp cloth is visible.

Place the elastic

Place one end of your elastic in between the top of your fold and the other end in between the bottom of the fold. 

Easy DIY face mask

Get ready to do your last bit of sewing! In this step, sew along the fold but make sure to sew into the elastic as well! You don’t want those falling out the side of your mask. Repeat this step on the other side and you’ll be left with a fabulous DIY reversible and washable face mask! 

DIY face mask

If you’re wearing a mask every day, you might as well wear it with style! What fabrics would you use to make this reversible mask? Let me know in the comments below! 

Suggested materials:
  • Scissors
  • Disposable mask
  • Needle
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