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My daughter Cristina is playing Lacrosse this year, and I’m this season’s team mom. Wanting to be the best team mom I can be, I have been working on little inexpensive gifts for the girls to include in their snack bags before games. Due to Covid, we may not be able to have an end of year banquet, so I thought including little gifts along the season was a good way to show the girls some love.

I don’t want to spend a fortune, of course, so I’m trying to make sure that each project costs less than $1 a piece. This lacrosse team gift cost much less than that! The ribbon was only $6 and the hair ties were $1 for all of them. So the total cost was $7 and it made hair ties for 26 girls. That’s about 25 cents per hair tie!

Here’s the Lacrosse Ribbon that I used. (As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases) so if you buy the ribbon I may earn a small commission but it doesn’t affect your price in any way.

And here are some other Sports Themed Ribbons.

Volleyball Ribbon

Girl’s Golf Ribbon

Cheer Ribbon

Soccer Ribbon

Baseball/Softball Ribbon

Tennis Themed Ribbon

Easy Sports Hair Tie (Simple Tie Method)

I cut the ribbon to show the two lacrosse sticks. That was a length of 6.5″. If I could go back, I would have actually cut a longer length. I would cut 3 lacrosse sticks so that the center one would take up the space of the “knot” and the two outer sticks would show a little more clearly.

So, you might want to consider a length of 9″ or 10″ for your ribbon hair ties.

  • Place the ribbon through the elastic hair band as shown below:
  • Tie a knot in the ribbon around the elastic. Note in the photo below that this will end up with you having one side of the ribbon “upside down”. You want to avoid this.
  • While making the knot, twist the ribbon so that both tails show the sports print.
  • Pull tight. You need to pull it and then pull each tail to make sure that the knot is as small and tight as possible. From here, you can choose to create a finishing cut at the ends of the tails. I didn’t cut the ends of mine because it was already short and I didn’t want to risk cutting the printed lacrosse sticks.

Easy Hair Bow Made from Ribbon (Loop Method)

I was concerned that the “knot” was taking up too much space in my ribbon hair ties, so I wanted to try a different method and see if I could get the lacrosse sticks to show a bit more. Here are the steps in that method:

  • Lay the ribbon over the elastic band
  • Pinch the ribbon so that you can see and access the elastic band easier
  • Take the lower part of the elastic ribbon and tuck it up through the upper part, as shown below
  • Pull tight
  • Press down the knot in the elastic band and adjust the ribbon so that your tails look the way you want them to. You can see that the tails did indeed look longer in this method.

I hope you enjoyed learning about these easy hair ties to make from ribbon.

How to Stop Ribbon Fraying

You can see in my lacrosse hair ties above that the ribbon is starting to fray at the ends. There are a couple of ways to fix that. They both make use of heat applied to the ends of the ribbon.

One is to use a wood burning tool to run along the edges. Another way is to run the ribbon edge over a candle without touching the ribbon to it so that it doesn’t burn. You just want heat to seal up the edge a bit.

Lacrosse hair ribbon

Here’s how it turned out!

More Sports Themed Gifts

If you’re interested in making a quick hair scrunchie to go with a sports or school theme, I have a tutorial for that here, and here's a photo of it:

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Also check out my Personalized Face Masks (approx $1 each) that I made as a team gift for the girls. Another team gift was Headbands that also cost only around $1 each! They’re great team mom gifts

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