DIY 4th of July Hair Barrettes

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If you haven't noticed, barrettes are making a big, stylish comeback! If you scroll through any style influencer's Instagram feed currently, you'll find them layering tortoise, pearl and fabric-covered barrettes and using these small clips to make a big statement! So, it's time to continue the traditions of our fore-mothers, break out our glue guns and start making them for every holiday, and I think we should start with some for the patriotic summer celebrations that are on their way with these DIY 4th of July hair barrettes! The beauty of barrette-making is that you can attach nearly anything to a barrette form with hot glue, so today we are making 4 kinds: pearl, bead, gem, and wool ball barrettes!

Supplies Needed to Make 4th of July Barrettes:

Star Rhinestones

Multi-Color Spaghetti Beads

Royal Blue Wool Beads

Red Wool Beads

Light Pink Wool Beads

Barrette Form with Auto Clasp

Hot Glue Gun

Hot Glue Sticks

Step One: Arrange your supplies (as best as you can without them rolling away) on top of your barrette form (or next to it on a flat surface) to map out where your supplies will go on the form, and how many pieces you will need.

Step 2: Place a dot of hot glue on the barrette form where your bead (or ball/gem/pearl, etc.) will go, then, carefully press the bead into the hot glue.

Step 3: Continue step 2 until you have covered your barrette with beads. Let glue set completely.

Step 4: Repeat steps 1-3, attaching all supplies desired to barrette forms, until you have made 4 very cute 4th of July barrettes!

That's it! You are ready for fireworks! And BBQ's! And parades! Just clip these babies in and you'll be a total babe in red, white and blue!

I love these barrettes so much and the possibilities for others makes the mind reel! Plus, they could not be easier to make, you could do it in your sleep! (But please don't. Think of your fingers.)

Happy 4th of July Crafting!

ox. Liz

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