How to Make a Cute DIY Flower Hair Clip

10 Materials
20 Minutes

Do you have some ribbon lying around? Why not turn it into a lovely DIY flower hair clip! In this quick and straightforward tutorial, I’ll show you how to make hair clips with ribbon and a few other materials. Let’s get to it.

Tools and materials:

  • 2.5cm-wide (0.98 inches) ribbon
  • 1cm-wide (0.39 inches) velvet ribbon
  • Glue gun
  • Hairpin
  • Adhesive ribbon
  • Pearl embellishment
  • Leaf lace trim
  • Flower accessory
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
Cutting the ribbon to length

1. Cut the ribbon

The first thing you want to do is measure and cut your ribbon. It should measure 2.5cm (0.98 inches) in thickness and 15cm (5.90 inches) in length. Cut a second piece measuring 18cm (7.08 inches). 

Creating loops with the ribbon

2. Create loops

Apply glue to one end of the ribbon with a glue gun. 

How to make hair clips

Stick the other end to create a loop. 

Repeat on the second piece. 

Gluing the ribbon pieces together

3. Glue both pieces

Apply glue to the outer side of one of the pieces and stick the other piece on top at an angle. Press down immediately after. 

Closing the ribbon around the center

4. Close the ribbon

Next, apply glue to the middle and wrap a piece of ribbon around the center of the bow. 

Cutting off the excess

Cut off the excess. 

Gluing the edges

Then, glue down the edge. 

Cutting the thinner ribbon

5. Make a smaller bow tie

Now, measure and cut a piece from the 1cm-thick (0.39 inches) velvet ribbon, it should be 9cm (3.54 inches).

Snipping the ends at an angle

Snip the ends for a lovely angled finish. 

Cutting another piece of thinner ribbon

Now, cut another piece measuring around 18cm (7.08 inches). 

Gluing the ends together

Glue the ends of the longer piece together. 

Making a bow out of ribbon

Then, place glue on the inner side and place the center together to form a bow. 

Applying hot glue to the center of the bow

Sticking the bows together

Add a little more glue to the bottom of the bow and stick the 9cm (3.54 inches) ribbon piece at the bottom at an angle. 

Gluing the larger ribbon to the thinner ribbon

6. Combine both bows

Add a dab of glue to the center of the main piece, and then stick the thinner bow in the middle. 

Placing the bows at an angle

Place it at a slight angle. 

Applying glue to the center of the bows

Sticking a flower to the center

7. Add the accessories

Now, add a little more glue to the center and place your flower directly on top. 

Placing a leaf and pearl in the center

Next, place your lace trim leaf and a pearl embellishment. 

Placing an adhesive ribbon on the hair clip

8. Attach the hair clip

Place an adhesive ribbon onto the front side of the hair clip. Ensure that each edge of the clip is enveloped, too. 

Sticking down the ends

Cut the excess and stick down the ends. 

Applying glue along the hair clip

Apply glue along the length of the hair clip. 

Attaching the DIY flower piece on top

Stick down the DIY flower piece on top. 

DIY flower hair clip tutorial

DIY flower hair clip tutorial

Your DIY flower hair clip is complete! It’s so easy and straightforward and the best part is, you can play around with different textures and colors!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to make hair clips and that you now have the inspiration to make your very own DIY hair clip the way you like! 

Suggested materials:
  • 2.5cm-wide (0.98 inches) ribbon
  • 1cm-wide (0.39 inches) velvet ribbon
  • Glue gun
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