How to Make a Colourful Hair Barrette

Susan Goode
by Susan Goode
3 Materials
1 Hour

I enjoy introducing colourful accessories that have a unique look and feel. So when I saw these DIY hair barrettes I knew I could build some lovely beaded hair accessories and have fun in the process of saving some money.

Preparing for making
Mix glue

I use epoxy resin half and half mix for a strong bond.

I use a copper coin to mix the two equal size blobs of hardener and glue. It is quick to act and soon is ready to use as fixative.

Epoxy resin
Mixing epoxy resin
Glue beads

I start to Spread a decent blob sized glue Mix into the little Copper cups ready for the beads to sit in.

Glue cups

The fun part is choosing the colour combinations and deciding how they are to look. When I’m sure I glue in place.

inuse a towel to rest the barrette in place so they are steady in drying process .

Glue beads

I do a few more in various combinations and leave to dry.

Hair barrettes

I am so thrilled with the beautiful hair accessories that were so easy and quick to make and really compliment and so versatile.

DIY Hair barrettes
DIY hair barrettes
Suggested materials:
  • Copper Hair barrette blank   (Amazon)
  • Epoxy resin   (Amazon)
  • Round beads   (Amazon)

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