4 Quick & Easy Scrap Fabric Ideas For Cute Hair Accessories

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Scrap fabric doesn’t have to pick up dust in a box somewhere! I’ll be showing you a bunch of scrap fabric ideas that are straightforward and unique! I’ll be showing you how to turn scrap fabric into beautiful hair accessories. These are perfect for yourself, or even as a gift. Let’s get started!

Tools and materials:

  • Assorted scrap fabric
  • Bobby pin
  • Hairpin
  • Sewing machine
  • Matching thread
  • Elastic
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape
  • Embellishments
Trimming the edges of the fabric

1. Hairbow

Let’s begin by learning how to make a bow. Take your fabric and trim any edges you don’t want. 

Folding the fabric in half

Fold the fabric in half and measure 6x4 inches. Use pins to prevent the fabric from moving. 

Cutting the fabric to shape

Next, cut the fabric. 

Sewing the edges

Sew along the edges, leaving a 2-inch wide opening. This will help us turn the fabric inside out. 

Turning the fabric and sewing the opening closed

Turn the fabric piece inside out and seal the opening with a straight stitch. 

Gathering the fabric in the middle

Gather the fabric in the middle to create a bow-like effect. 

Securing the bow in place with a small piece of fabric

Secure the bow with a small piece of fabric and trim the excess. 

Cutting some fabric for the middle of the bow

Cut a small piece of the same fabric. You’ll use this to wrap the middle of the bow. 

Wrapping the fabric neatly around the bow

Wrap the fabric around the bow, secure it with pins, and stitch to secure. 

Trimming the excess

Trim the excess. 

Sliding a clip under the bow

Slide a clip under the bow ring or use a bobby pin. 

DIY hairbow from fabric scraps

Here you have your complete hairbow. It’s a simple fabric scrap recycling idea that takes minutes to make. 

Fabric pieces for the headband

2. Headband

For this project, you’ll need a stretchy fabric. I used velvet material. Cut three pieces measuring;

  • 20x5 inches
  • 6x6 inches
  • 3x1 inch

Tip: You may need to measure the head for better accuracy.

Folding the fabric pieces in half

Now, fold each piece lengthwise. Sew around the longer piece leaving one end open. 

Trimming the excess

Trim any excess before you turn the headband inside out. 

Securing the ends

Then, secure both ends with a stitch. 

Turning the fabric

For the bow, stitch around the edges, leaving one edge open to turn the piece inside out. Then, stitch the opening closed. 

Attaching the bow to the headband

Complete the headband by putting all the pieces together. For the bow, gather the fabric in the middle and place it in the center of the headband. 

Wrapping around the center of the bow

Then, take your third fabric piece and wrap it around the center of the bow and the headband underneath. Stitch the piece at the back to secure. 

Trimming the excess

Trim the excess. 

DIY velvet bow headband from fabric scraps

Your headband is done! What do you think of this headband scrap fabric idea? 

Cutting out the lace pieces

3. Lace headband

For the other headband, use a lace fabric and cut out the pattern. I’m using six flower patterns and putting one on top of the other. This gives me three flower arrangements.

Measuring a piece of elastic

Cut a piece of elastic using the desired head measurement. 

Stitching the ends together

Stitch the two ends together. 

Positioning the lace flowers on the headband

Now, position your lovely lace flowers. Hand stitch each lace flower on the headband. I also added these cute gems to give it a bit of a “wow” factor.

DIY lace headband from fabric scraps

Here’s your second complete headband piece. 

How to make a scrunchie

4. Scrunchies

Cut a fabric that measures 22.5x3.5 inches.

Folding in the end

Fold one end of the fabric (on the wrong side) by ½ an inch.  

Pinning the long side

Then fold the fabric in half and secure it with pins. Stitch the long side together. 

Inserting elastic into the scrunchie

Turn the strip inside out and insert a 9-inch elastic piece. Use a safety pin to thread it through. 

Double-knotting the ends of the elastic

Once through, remove the pin and tie a double knot at the ends. 

Pushing the raw edge through the end

Push the raw edge through the end you already folded. 

Hand-stitching the opening closed

Pin it together and hand-stitch along the open edge. Your finished scrunchie is complete! 

Hair accessory scrap fabric ideas

Scrap fabric ideas

Now you have some awesome fabric scrap ideas! I love these hair accessories, and the best part is that they are straightforward to make; even a beginner can do this easily.

I hope this tutorial will serve as inspiration for your next sewing project for fabric scraps. Thanks for tuning in.

Suggested materials:
  • Assorted scrap fabric
  • Bobby pin
  • Hairpin
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