A Pantyliner is the Secret to This Genius Summer Hat Hack

2 Materials
1 Minute

If this weather has you sweating up your best hats, then this style hack is for you.

I’m going to show you a genius hack to prevent your sweat from dripping.

Tools and materials:

  • Hat 
  • Pantyliner

When it's insultingly hot, we’re all super sweaty, and this thin liner inside the hat isn’t enough to catch all that sweat.

Plus, if you have makeup on, all of your makeup is going to transfer onto your hat and ruin the band.

Adding pantyliner to hat

Here I’m going to show you a hack that is used on movie sets when we’re shooting outside or under hot lights. All you need is a pantyliner.

Don’t laugh, this totally works!

Summer hat hack

Stick that liner in your hat right where the sweat will be.

Summer hat hack

Summer hat hack

Now that little guy is going to do its job, and it’s going to grab all the sweat from your forehead, giving you maximum sweat absorption while also protecting your hat.

This is such an effective hack that is super easy to do, and I hope you’ll give it a try!

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Suggested materials:
  • Hat
  • Pantyliner

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