How I Turned Regular Ball Cap Hats Into Minnie Mouse Eared Ones!

Berta Lily
by Berta Lily
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Last month, my husband and I took a VERY last minute trip to Disney World! Literally we were in Florida and booked a 2 days stay for the same week! I shared all my cute outfits including the ones I wore last year when we went for a whole week. Other items I made that trip were Minnie Mouse eared hats! I had two different methods and they looked absolutely amazing for a fraction of the price that you would get in Disney World.

The first hat was a denim ball cap. I got denim fabric that matched and traced 4 circles using a Tupperware container for the ears.

In order to keep the ears from being too floppy, I cut a circle just a little smaller then the denim fabric our of plastic. You will need two of these. I used the lid from a yogurt container.

then I used stuffing to give them a poofy look!

I used a think needle and string because I wanted the distressed look and just loosely threaded the string into the denim around the plastic circle. Why when I was almost done, I used the stuffing and shoved it into the hole.

Once the circles were done, I sowed then on to the hat.

Here is the back of the hat. I found that the ears were too heavy and weren't sticking up like I wanted to so I rolled up two strips of scrap fabric and hot glued it to the back of the ears.

Then came adding the bow. I purchased of of those over sized Jojo Siwa bows from Target and clipped it to one of the ears and then added little stitches to have the bow lay how I wanted without shifting.

I got many complements for my one of a kind hat!

The next hat was a little easier. I got an animal print hat for Animal Kingdom and a cheap Mickey Mouse headband.

I just tore the ears off the head band and sowed them on to the hat form the back side!


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  • Needle and tread
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  • Randy Randy on Jan 06, 2022

    Would be Great to have a wife that's really willing to try just about anything, and it turns out so really Great Looking. Wonder do you do, anything with auto body work. Any ideas of how to seal a whole body on the, bottom side of the body. Under coating that's Thick like syrup, without it running down both of your arms.

    Thank-You, so very much, I really learn a lot of different things, and I toss in a few ideas, that l might have now & then. This is a first, for me asking for any ideas.

    Thanks again,,,,, Randy

  • Leslie Leslie on May 26, 2022

    Hi Berta, I am not much of a Mickey/Minnie Mouse fan, but I DO like your denim ear hat with the pink bow. It is utterly adorable. Thank you for sharing :)