A Super Simple Jewelry Trick That May Change How You Wear Your Jewelry

Just J Stylin Life
by Just J Stylin Life

This jewelry trick blew my mind the other day when I discovered it. I was trying to find a ring to fit my ring finger, which is smaller than my index finger. But all of the rings I had were too big. As I was thinking, I noticed a pair of round hoop earrings on my jewelry shelf which sparked the idea for this genius jewelry trick.

All you need are a pair or two of click-closure huggie/hoop earrings. You don't want them to be too big or too small - think finger sizes. I grabbed these few pairs I had in order to demonstrate this trick.


Open up an earring and remove any dangling charms if necessary so that you just have the hoop earring.


Take the open earring and place it on the base of your finger, or wherever it fits comfortably.


Latch the earring closed around your finger. Turn it around so the thin post part is in the back or to the side of your finger (shown below).


This is the final result 👇

Víola! Now you have a genius new way to wear your earrings... as rings! I was absolutely shocked and delighted when I discovered this because they fit so perfectly. And they are much easier to remove this way too. Simply open up the earring and take it off instead of trying to slide it over a knucle.

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