Matching Your Jewellery to Your Outfits

Emma Does Fashion
by Emma Does Fashion

I have to admit I've never been much of a jewellery person. I had an obsession with it a few years ago where I bought lots but now I tend to stick to the same everyday pieces: a gold watch, my rose gold wedding ring and a pair of open hoop gold earrings.

This suits my minimalist style well but there are occasions where I like to change it up. Read on for tips on which jewellery pieces to pair with which outfits!

In a recent ' how to stay chic when it's cold' video for YouTube, I reached for my silver pieces for the first time in a long time. Silver is definitely coming back - it was always on trend when I was at school but golds and rose golds have overtaken in the past few years. However all these metals always look timeless and you can wear them whether they are in fashion at the time or not.

I liked the ice grey of this jumper and thought that cooler toned jewellery such as my silver Tiffany & Co necklace and my Riva earrings from Monica Vinader would work perfectly. The whole look has a lovely 'chilly' vibe and I felt that gold or rose gold would have been too warm and would have looked out of place.

I forewent my wedding band this time and instead opted for my silver and aquamarine engagement ring. It's rare that this ring sees the light of day since I got married so it was lovely to bring it out again!

The above photo is an example of how NOT to mix metals. Mixing metals is absolutely fine and can look very effective, however here I have worn only 1 piece of gold hardware (the 'L' on this Loewe belt) alongside a silver necklace and ring. (And earrings, but you can't see those in this picture!)

This would look better if I had worn a gold ring to help break up the look. Alternatively, you could add some gold to your eye make-up or a gold hair accessory.

Here's an example of mixing metals more effectively, though I'm not sure how well you can see the key piece that makes it work! I wore my everyday jewellery that I mentioned earlier: my gold watch, gold hoops and my rose gold ring. This Ted Baker dress has rose gold details on the bows so the ring ties in with this and makes the rest of the jewellery work well with the dress and the gold hardware on the Aspinal of London bag I'm wearing.

Some of you might not be able to get on board with the idea of mixing metals. I completely understand! It still irritates me a little when I do it, I won't lie!

If you're more into matchy-matchy jewellery, then take it one step further and match tones as well as metals. The gold strap on the Ted Baker in the above picture is a very cool tone, and my cool-toned gold watch therefore accessorises perfectly alongside it.

I would like to leave you with the advice to not spend a fortune on your jewellery, unless it is something you really love collecting.

Apart from my wedding jewellery (which was actually the Tiffany necklace and Monica Vinader earrings you saw earlier), I have never spent a lot of money on jewellery because it is not a huge priority for me. I would rather find classic pieces that look more expensive than they are.

My favourite places to look for earrings are Lovisa, who have so much choice it's almost impossible not to find something your style, & Other Stories, where my hoops pictured above are from, and Oliver Bonas for more quirky pieces. Lovisa is also an excellent place if you are a little obsessed with sparkly party earrings, like I am.

I also found my beloved gold watch in TKMaxx for an extremely affordable price. My price per wear is definitely in pennies for that one!

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  • ManuelMcmillan ManuelMcmillan on Feb 03, 2024

    I totally get the minimalist jewelry vibe – less can be more, right? 😄

  • EllenWhitehead EllenWhitehead on Feb 03, 2024

    I think it's nice to have those everyday pieces that you can count on. And you're right about mixing metals; it can be a bit tricky but also very stylish when done right. Speaking of jewelry, I'm in the process of wedding preparations, and I've been keeping an eye on unisex wedding bands by Jaume Labro. They have this unconventional, non-traditional feel that I'm really into. What are your thoughts on unisex wedding bands? Anyway, it's great that you've found affordable pieces that suit your style. Who says you need to break the bank for chic accessories, right?