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by Diana | _deardianaaa_

Spring is officially here (calendar wise) even though it is supposed to snow here this week! I'm slowly transitioning my mindset into a Spring has Sprung mindset for fashion looks. With that I will be adding some of my fun, floral accessories into my fashion looks until it actually is warm enough to wear dresses on the regular. What is your go to fashion accessory in your everyday life? How about for Spring? Usually for me, when Spring has truly spring - I automatically flock to floral accessories. Luckily I have a few key floral staples in my wardrobe especially for dressing up or dressing down during the season. Some of those accessories being studded flower earrings, floral print bracelet cuffs and some unique floral statement necklaces. Any and all of these types of accessories can add a little more detail to your Spring outfits. I wanted to share some of my personal favorite accessories that I plan on wearing in Spring and even over the Summer. Follow along for some Spring Jewelry accessory inspiration.

1) Lets talk earrings. I have these phenomenal enamel flower earrings in the colors white and turquoise and they are just lovely. I've had these for several years and believe I found these on Etsy or Ebay at one point. This creates a nice statement piece if you want something a little less dramatic but something that still provides some impact.

2) These next flower earrings were a gift from my husband. They are made out of a seashell with a pearl in the middle. He got these on the island of Nantucket for me and I just adore these very much. I've worn these on a variety of different occasions and they can easily be dressed up or dressed down. A favorite piece in my collection for sure.

3) Can't forget about flower rings! These make a fun accessory to wear at any time. The Daisy flower ring I found at a thrift store and the beaded rainbow bead was a gift from a friend.

4) Lastly, for those who prefer to wear necklaces never forget, statement necklaces can always be worn. Whether in style or not, I think they add a nice talking point to an outfit. This white floral drip statement necklace was purchased at H&M and the chunky orange floral piece was found on Ali Express.

I hope these accessories bring some inspiration to your life and future outfits.

A similar pair of earrings can be found here

Amazon has these great statement studded earrings.

Some white statement flower-studded earrings found on Amazon.

A similar style of earrings can be found here.

This funky daisy floral ring was found at a thrift shop. Something similar can be found on Amazon.

My friend gifted me this lovely beaded flower ring from one of her travels. A similar looking ring can be found on Etsy.

Such a fun colorful floral cuff. A similar look can be found here.

A classic black and white design, I love the look of this bracelet.

A chunky statement flower necklace is one way to spice up your outfit.

If a simpler, white flower is your thing for a statement necklace, here you go,

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