Stacking Necklace Hack

The stacked necklace look is hot right now! The trend is cute and adds alot of style to your outfit.

How to style stacked necklaces?

Tip 1: You want to wear your chunkier or bigger pendants/charms on the bottom

Tip 2: Don't overdo it! Try not stacking multiple necklaces that have beading or charms

Tip 3: Less is more - stick to a maximum of three necklaces at a time. You want to keep the chains dainty and light with formal wear.

Tip 4: Placement matters! You want to draw the eyes to the top and bottom necklaces.

Tip 5: Don't let your chains tangle!

How do you keep your necklaces from tangling? Check out this video I posted on my Instagram.

First arrange all your necklaces and make sure the aren't tangled

Next cut a small piece of clothing or skin tape both of these hold alot better than your average clear tape

(make sure the tape is NOT double-sided!!! If it is double-sided your hair will stick and it will not be pretty)

Here's a final look!

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  • Denise Denise on Jul 03, 2022

    I regularly wear a cross on a necklace and a shell casing from a bullet that was shot at my brothers funeral that my husband had fixed so it hangs from another necklace. So, I always wear the 2 necklaces and sometimes the clasps move from the back of my neck and this tip will help stop that. Thanks!