Try This Genius Jewelry Hack - Make A Necklace Out Of Bracelets! ✨

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Get more use out of your jewelry with this easy, genius jewelry hack. Create a necklace out of two bracelets! 🔗 ( video here)

Picture this: you're getting ready to go to a friend's party and have a bracelet that would make the PERFECT necklace to complete your look. But a bracelet is way too small to fit as a necklace. If you have two bracelets with detachable clasps or hooks, you can easily turn that bracelet into a necklace. Simply attach one bracelet to the other and you you've got a makeshift necklace!

Here's a quick step-by-step guide:


Find the bracelet that you want to turn into a necklace. I chose this thick curb-chain bracelet that I wanted to make into a bold statement necklace. The bracelet has to have a clasp or hook that you can detach - this will not work with slider or cuff bracelets.


Find a simple bracelet with a clasp or hook to attach to the other bracelet. I went with this simple chain bracelet that has no charms or irregular pieces. The simpler the bracelet, the more comfortable it will be.


Unhook the clasps on both bracelets so they are completely open, in one long piece.


Attach the hook of the simple bracelet to the chain of the main bracelet.


Put the attached bracelets around your neck and hook the other clasp to the other bracelet to attach it as a necklace.


Turn the main bracelet around to the front and adjust it to fit your desired look. Víola! You have a new necklace!

Click here to see the original video on TikTok!

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  • Theresa Theresa on Jul 28, 2022

    You can also use the bracelet trick to make a necklace longer

    • Just J Stylin Life Just J Stylin Life on Jul 29, 2022

      Yes, absolutely!! That is another way to use a bracelet too. Thank you for sharing!