DIY Headband

2 Materials
5 Minutes

Hairbands or hair ribbons aren’t the only stylish means of keeping your long hair under control. Despite their sporty reputation, headbands can easily be a classy yet casual accessory that could go great with all kinds of outfits.

You can make a neat headband in less than half an hour with a few simple instructions you’ll find in this tutorial.

It doesn’t matter how skilled you are, this project is one of those that are straightforward and fun, so it’s ideal for beginners and experienced sewing enthusiasts alike.

Cut the fabric

Before you cut the fabric, you’ll first need to check which side stretches more. That stretchy side should be the length of your headband. This will ensure that the headband stretches as it should when you put it on.

Cut a rectangle 4.5 inches wide and one inch shorter than your head circumference. If you want the headband wider or narrower, feel free to adjust the width.

Sew the headband

Fold the fabric in half along its length and align the edges. Pin the layers together.

Sew the long raw edge. Start your stitch one inch away from one short edge and stop it one inch before the other short edge. Use a stretch or a zig-zag stitch.

Turn and sew

Use a tube turner tool to turn the headband inside out halfway. Align the short edges and pin them together. Sew the short raw edges with a stretch or a zig-zag stitch.

Turn the headband through the opening.

Sew the short raw edges with a stretch or a zig-zag stitch.

Turn the headband through the opening.

Finish the headband

Fold the raw edge of the opening in and sew it shut with a ladder stitch by hand.

As a finishing touch, you can add a faux knot. Cut a fabric strip 4 inches by one and a half inches big. Fold in half along the length with its right sides in. Sew the long raw edge and turn the strip inside out.

Wrap the strip around the headband, trim the excess, and tuck in the ends. Sew the faux knit where the ends are tucked in. You can also stitch it vertically to keep it from moving. Your new headband is finished!

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Suggested materials:
  • Jersey, velvet or other stretch fabric
  • Thread

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