3 Pretty DIY Wedding Veils You Can Make in Just 15 Minutes

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Wedding veils can get so expensive! Sometimes it is better to actually make your own DIY wedding veil.

I recently got married and made my own veil for the wedding. So, I decided to make this tutorial to show you how to sew a wedding veil yourself. I’ll be sharing three different types of wedding veils as inspiration. Let’s go!

Tools and materials:

  • Tulle material
  • Measuring tape
  • Lace trim
  • Pins
  • Needle
  • White thread
  • Headpin
  • Comb
  • Mesh fabric
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Ribbon
  • Fabric glue

1. Drop veil

Making a DIY drop wedding veil pattern

Let’s start with the classic drop veil. I’m using a piece of paper to show you how to do this. Fold your tulle lengthwise, and fold again, width-wise. 

Cutting out the DIY drop wedding veil pattern

Cut the edge, so it curves. 

DIY drop wedding veil pattern

When you round the edge, your tulle will look something like this.  

Wrapping tulle around the comb

Next, wrap some tulle fabric around a comb and use a headpin to secure it. 

Placing the comb on the head

Take your comb, and put it exactly where you want it to be on your head.

How to make a wedding veil

Put the veil over your head and adjust the length as desired. 

Weaving the headpin through the comb

Then, weave the headpin through the tool and the hair comb while still on your head. 

DIY drop wedding veil

DIY drop wedding veil from the back

Now, you may kiss the bride! Wasn’t that the easiest DIY wedding veil pattern? 

2. Mantilla veil

Making a DIY mantilla wedding veil pattern

Now, I’m going to show you how to sew lace on a wedding veil. But first, let’s make the pattern. Fold your tulle widthwise and fold again. 

Measuring the DIY mantilla wedding veil pattern

Now, you need to make a circle. So, starting from the folded corner, measure the same length all the way around and trace it. 

Cutting the DIY mantilla wedding veil pattern

Cutting out the lace

Then, cut it out. By the time you unfold it, you should have a circle! 

Lace trim for a wedding veil

Now, take a really lovely lace trim. There are so many you can choose from!

How to sew a wedding veil

Pin the lace trim around the circumference of your tulle. There are no shortcuts here; you have to pin it. 

How to sew lace on a wedding veil

Then, hand-sew it with an invisible stitch. Don’t use glue because it will end up being tacky. 

Attaching a comb to the veil

Attach a comb to the edge. It should be facing inward. 

DIY wedding veil tutorial

DIY mantilla wedding veil worn over the face

DIY mantilla wedding veil

That’s how you make a gorgeous mantilla wedding veil. You can also wear this veil as a drop veil if you like. What do you think of this style? 

3. Birdcage veil

Making DIY birdcage wedding veil pattern

If you’re looking for a more classic veil, you’ve got to try this one! This is the easiest of the three.

All you need to do is measure the circumference of your head, cut out that length, fold that length widthwise, and cut at an edge. 

Cutting the DIY birdcage wedding veil pattern

Cutting the netting

DIY birdcage wedding veil pattern

Then, sew all the way around the raw edge. It’s so easy; you can make it in your sleep! 

Sewing the netting

Make sure to go through where the nets intersect. Also, make sure you do running stitches that you can pull at the end. 

Placing the comb on the netting

Wrapping tulle along the top of the comb

Check that it’s the same length as your comb. Wrap some tulle around the top of your comb. 

Securing the end

Secure it at the end and cut off the excess. 

Connecting the veil to the tulle

Now, connect the birdcage veil to the wrapped end of the tulle. 

Making a bow out of white ribbon

Gluing the ribbon bow to the comb

To neaten the edge, make a simple bow from a ribbon. Then, glue it on the rough edge. 

Placing the DIY birdcage wedding veil

DIY birdcage wedding veil

Put it on your head and secure it with bobby pins on the side. 

DIY wedding veils

That’s it. Three stunning DIY wedding veils you can seamlessly make yourself! I hope you enjoyed this DIY wedding veil tutorial and comment below on which style you like best.

Thanks for joining me, and good luck! 

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  • Measuring tape
  • Lace trim
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  • Ginger Ginger on Apr 18, 2022

    Brides-to-be: having worked with many, many brides ( I make wedding dresses), I personally think veils are the biggest rip-offs in the wedding industry! This shows you how easy they are to make. Do make your own!