DIY Winter Hat With Pleats and Gathers

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30 Minutes

There’s a load of different winter hats out there, but let’s be honest, most of them have a simple appearance without any special features. If you prefer your clothes and accessories to be unique and to stand out, this interesting DIY winter hat could be the thing for you.

With a pleated and gathered section that covers the back and the top of the hat, it’s completely different from what you expect from winter hats as far as looks go. And believe it or not, it’s not difficult to make, here’s how you do it.

Cut and prepare the fabric

Measure your head circumference and the length between the middle of your forehead, over the top of your head, and to your nape. Add two inches to the second measurement and cut a fabric piece in those dimensions.

Set the piece onto your workspace with its right side up and fold it in half so that its short edges align.

Cut the corner where the long raw edges align at a curve, five inches away from the corner.

Sew the hat

Pin and stitch the curve and the edges that meet at the curve with a 3/8 inch seam allowance.

Turn the opening up for three inches and sew it to form the hat headband.

Fold the seam onto itself up and down a couple of times along its entire length to form pleats on the hat. Press, pin, and stitch the pleats at the seam.

Finish the hat

To make the gathered decoration that’s characteristic of this winter hat, cut out a strip of fabric that’s about five inches wide and a bit longer than the second measurements you took when you started making the hat.

Fold the strip in half so the long edges align and pin them together. Use a needle and a thread to stitch along the fold. Pull the thread to gather the fabric as you stitch.

Set the decoration onto the hat so that both short edges align with the hat’s bottom edge, with the hat seam between them. Make sure that the other end is nicely curved over the center seam at the top of the hat. Handstitch the decoration to the hat along its raw edges.

When your friends see you wearing this stylish hat, you’ll probably get a bunch of orders to make one for them because you can’t buy this baby anywhere. You’ll feel warm and look great wearing it. Enjoy wearing your new, unique winter hat!

Suggested materials:
  • Fleece

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