How to Make a Knot Headband Out of Scrap Fabric Pieces

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In this tutorial, I'll show you how to make a knot headband. If you’ve got a lot of fabric scrap, one really fun way to use up that leftover fabric is by making a top knot headband.

As opposed to flat headbands this headband is stuffed with all of your fabric scraps, so not only is it super comfortable to wear, it’s a great way to reduce fabric waste and reuse the leftover materials from your last project!

Tools and materials:

  • Scrap fabric
  • Elastic
  • Sewing machine
  • Loop turner or safety pin
Gathering the scrap fabric

1. Gather scrap fabric

I already have three strips cut out already, so that’s what I’m going to be using. Each one is about 3-inches wide and 23-inches long.

If your fabric isn’t already split, you’ll need one piece of fabric that is 5.5-inches wide and 3-inches long and another that is 2-inches wide and 20-inches long.

Sewing the strips to make the headband

2. Sew your strips together

If yours is currently split like mine, take two of your strips, place them right sides together, and sew along the two longest edges to join them.

Making the elastic casing for the headband

Then fold the other strip in half onto itself, right sides facing, and sew to make the elastic casing. 

Turning the fabric right sides out

3. Turn inside out

Next, turn your fabrics right side out. Feel free to use a loop turner or a safety pin to do this.

Chopping up the scrap fabric into pieces

4. Chop up scrap fabric

Chop up your scrap fabric. This is what you’ll stuff the inside of the headband with, so go crazy.

I love using scrap fabric because it’s a creative and useful way of using fabric that would otherwise have gone in the trash.

Cut them rather small so that the headband isn’t too bulky and it’s smooth when you put it on. If your pieces are too large, the headband will be bumpy and won’t look as nice.

Stuffing the headband with scrap fabric

5. Stuff the headband

Now, stuff the headband with the small fabric confetti pieces. Don’t stuff the fabric all the way in and completely full as you’ll want it to still be flexible.

I recommend adding more stuffing to the sides and leaving the middle a bit sparse as that’s where the knot will be.

How to make a top knot headband

6. Knot the middle

To make the knot, fold the tube in half. Cross the ends over each other, then pass one end through the middle and pull it lightly through.

Adjust as you see fit, making sure the ends of the headbands have the same length and that the knot is positioned in the center.

After you’ve adjusted it as you like, pin the ends so you don’t lose any stuffing.

Adding elastic to the DIY knot headband

7. Add the elastic band

Now, add the elastic band into the elastic band casing. Your elastic band should be the measurement of your head starting from one ear to the other ear. Mine was about eight inches in length.

After inserting the elastic band, pin for sewing.

How to sew a top knot headband

8. Sew the ends

Let’s sew. Secure the ends of the elastic band and the headband with a basting stitch.

DIY knotted headband tutorial

9. Attach the elastic band

Place the elastic band on the wrong side of the headband (the side where the knot is flat).

Sewing the elastic into the headband

Then, wrap one end of the headband over the elastic band and pin it in place. Sew together with a straight stitch.

Make a knot headband

Turn the corner over so that the raw edges of the headband cover the elastic band on the inside. 

Repeat this step on the other side, and you’re done!

How to make a knot headband

How to make a knot headband

That’s it! This headband is a great way to recycle your old fabrics instead of throwing them in the trash and can also make a great gift for your friends and family.

I hope you liked this tutorial and let me know if you try this DIY knot headband for yourself. 

Suggested materials:
  • Scrap fabric
  • Elastic
  • Sewing machine
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