How to Sew a Headband – Easy Stretchy Headband Tutorial

3 Materials
10 Minutes

They started as plain sports accessories but over time they developed new uses, it’s the popular headbands! There are a lot of different headbands out there, yet none can be more enjoyable to wear than the one you made with your two hands.

It’s time to enrich your wardrobe with at least one unique and creative headband. Here’s how you can make it.

Prepare the fabric

Pull the fabric along its length and its width to find out which stretches more. That will be the length of your fabric piece.

Subtract an inch from your head circumference measurement and cut a fabric piece that long and 4.5 inches wide.

You can make it in a different size if you prefer, the options for this DIY headband are here

Make the headband

Fold the fabric in half, aligning its long edges and keeping the right side in. Sew the long raw edge but leave an inch an inch unstitched at the beginning and at the end of the edge. Turn the tube halfway inside-out and align the short edges.

Stitch the short edges around from the inside of the tube. Do not close them shut, just join the two layers together. Turn the piece inside-out all the way.

Fold the edges on the opening in a bit and sew them together by hand.

The headband is finished, but you can wrap a short fabric strip stitched to form a tube around the vertical seam and sew it in place to hide the seam and decorate the accessory a bit.

You’re all set for a workout, a casual date, a gathering at your friends' as well as many other occasions with this adorable accessory. Make a couple in different colors so you can have one for all your outfit combinations. See you in another tutorial!

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Suggested materials:
  • Stretchy fabric
  • Pins
  • Thread

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