Easy Sew T-Shirt Headband

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Lace up your sneakers and head for a hike or a run! Stitch up this Easy Sew T-Shirt Headband

A delicious snack food that also creates positive social change? That’s precisely the story behind This Saves Lives.

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There is a beautiful park that I love to walk (or run) to several days a week. In the spring the park is full of wildflowers. Now that it’s fall it’s really starting to get green again as temperatures in Texas start to cool down. In the mornings I love lace up my sneakers, throw on a headband, and get outside. If it’s a weekend and I’m doing a longer walk or run it’s so easy to bring a This Saves Lives snack bar with me. They have 10 different classic snack bar flavors, from Wild Blueberry & Pistachio to new Dark Chocolate Sea Salt. And if Littlest wants to come along? They have a whole line of kids snack bars that are 1 full serving of fruits and vegetables per bar.

On my walks and runs these headbands are one of my favorite accessories, but you don’t just have to use them for working out. These super cute headbands are incredibly versatile and can be worn anytime. Plus, they are made out of t-shirts, making them a quick and easy sewing project.

DIY T-Shirt Headband


  • T-shirt or knit jersey fabric
  • Ruler
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Sewing machine
How to sew a DIY T-Shirt Headband

Start by cutting out two pieces of knit jersey fabric, each measuring 6″ x 20″. Make sure to cut in the direction of the stretch.

Fold one cut strip of fabric in half lengthwise, aligning the long cut edges. Pin in place and then sew together to form a tube using a zig zag stitch. Repeat with the second piece of fabric.

Flip the tubes so the fabric faces right-side out. With the seam running down the center, press the tubes flat.

Lay one tube on your work surface with the seam facing you. Lay the second tube perpendicular on top of the first tube, with the seam facing down (making a plus sign shape).

Bring the ends of of both tubes together (4 ends total), with all the seams facing inwards.

Sew the ends together, sewing through all four layers of fabric, using a straight stitch. Leave a 1/2″ seam allowance and back stitch at the beginning and the end to reinforce the seam.

Ready to wear your new DIY t-shirt headband? Slip it on, grab a few This Saves Lives snack bars, and get moving.

You can even sign up for a This Saves Lives monthly subscription box where you’ll get deliciousness delivered monthly. You can mix & match flavors and cancel anytime.

Best Places to Hike in DFW

If you happen to be around the Dallas/Fort Worth area here are a few of my favorite places to get some fresh air

  • Trinity Park Trails – Fort Worth
  • Cedar Ridge Preserve – Dallas
  • River Legacy Park – Arlington
  • Marion Samson Park Trail – Fort Worth
  • Katy Trail – Dallas
  • North Shore Trail – Grapevine

This Saves Lives impacts children both domestically in the United States, as well as internationally throughout the world. 1 bar purchased equals 1 food aid packet donated, it’s that simple. With their KIDS snacks it’s easy to get kids involved and teach them about improving the world around them. If you’re in Texas you can find This Saves Lives snack bars at HEB!

For the holidays consider gifting This Saves Lives gift cards! Giftcards are digital cards only delivered to your email with the unique redemption code. You can forward the giftcard to a friend, family, teachers or whoever deserves your gift.

Looking for a no-sew t-shirt headband? Here’s a Knotted T-shirt Headband pattern for you!

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