Plaid-vember Flannel Scarf

It’s that time of year again, Crafters! Time for warm fabrics in peppy plaids! We may as well agree to refer to November as “Plaid-vember” from now on! In preparation for said Plaid-vember, I have been squirreling away flannel remnants for projects! Today’s project is a scarf made from small pieces of flannel sewn together like patchwork! Here are some of my choices…

I used a favorite scarf to help me guestimate the length of fabric that I needed. Since I was working with remnants, my flannel pieces were only half as long as I needed for the scarf. That’s ok- I can sew small pieces together to get the needed length!

The rulers and post it show how big each of my four pieces would be. Two pieces would be sewn end-to-end lengthwise to make each side of the scarf. (In hindsight, I would make each panel about 3-4 inches longer than the 11×35″ measurement that I used. This would give the finished scarf more drape.)

Here are the pieces cut out! I tried to choose remnants that had similar weights and coordinating colors.

Time to pin and sew those 4 pieces into 2 long pieces. One long piece will be the scarf’s front, the other will be the back!

I appeased the sewing gods by ironing the seams flat.

Next, time to sew the scarf front to the scarf back! Let’s get pinning!

After folding the fabric right sides together, I pinned the other side closed too. Now, we have a big ol’ tube of fabric waiting to be sewn.

I also trimmed off any uneven edges…

…and made sure to leave a gap in the pinning/stitching so I could turn the scarf right sides out.

After stitching, I turned the scarf right side out and voila!

All that was left was to roll the un-sewn edges under and hand stitch closed.

I love how each side of this scarf is different, with the plaids intermixing when the scarf is tied! It’s like a plaid mashup!

I took my plaid scarf on a fall hiking adventure!

The scarf was a perfect layering piece- cozy but not stuffy! The weather turned out to be much warmer than we had expected, so my long sleeved T-shirt, sweater, and scarf combination was perfect!

Nope, I’m still not over how gorgeous the day was…

Thanks to Hubby for suggesting the hike! (On the perfect day, no less!!) Of course, we had our masks along in case we passed other hikers.

Happy Plaid-vember, Everyone! Stay tuned for more seasonal accessories and diy gifts coming your way! 🙂 Stay crafty!

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