Easy Beauty Hack for a Natural Makeup Look

by Laineymariebeauty
2 Materials
2 Minutes

If you love when a beauty product can be used in more than one way, this beauty hack is for you!

If you’re going for a “no makeup day” look, grab your brow gel to work double duty with this clever beauty hack.

Find an eyebrow gel that successfully holds your eyebrows in place on a typical day.

I’m loving the Benefit Brow Setter and when I use this on my eyebrows, they do not move!

Best brow gel!

Look fresh even on a no make-up day with this highly reviewed brow gel that Amazon reviewers swear by!

Tools and materials: 

  • Brow gel
  • Eyelash curler
Applying brow gel

1. Apply brow gel to your lashes

Cover your top lashes with your brow gel.

Applying brow gel

2. Curl your lashes

While the gel is still wet, use a lash curler to lift your lashes.

Curling lashes

3. Apply a 2nd coat

Apply a 2nd coat of brow gel to your curled lashes and they are not going to move!

Applying brow gel

On a no makeup day, look what a different cleverly lifted lashes make: 

Beauty hack for natural makeup look

Beauty hack for natural makeup look

This beauty hack is an easy way to make your eyes pop on a day when you don’t feel like applying a full face of makeup, and the impact is clear and looks natural.

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Suggested materials:
  • Brow gel
  • Eyelash curler

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