15 Awesome DIY Hacks to Make Your Clothes Look Different

by Unorthodoll
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There are many ways I like to alter my clothing that don't involve any cutting, sewing, or anything that would damage them. Today, I’ll be sharing a few of those DIY clothes hacks with you.

Tools and materials:

  • T-shirt
  • Elastic bands
  • Double-sided clothing tape
  • Dress
  • Skirt
  • Square scarf
  • Long scarf
Rolled up sleeves

1. Roll up your sleeves

Let's start super simple with sleeves. An easy way to shorten your sleeves or make them look more casual is to roll them up. I find this easier to do while I'm not wearing them. 


Adding elastics to sleeves

2. Add elastics to sleeves

Another way to change the look of your sleeves is with some elastics. Just turn your shirt inside out and fold your sleeves up once, then tie an elastic around the bottom of the sleeve.

Knotted t-shirt

3. Knot your shirt

There are other ways to use elastics to style your shirts. You can use them to fake a knot in a shirt that doesn't have enough fabric for a real knot.


Tucked t-shirt

4. Tuck your shirts

Or use them to make a tail and tuck it up underneath. 


Gathered fabric on t-shirt

5. Gather the fabric on a shirt

You can also use an elastic on your shirt while it's inside out to gather the fabric. 


Gathered fabric on dress

6. Gather the fabric on a dress

These tricks can be used on other clothing items too. For example, a plain dress or a dress that's too long.

Put your dress on inside out and gather the fabric on one side or in the center. Tie an elastic around the fabric for some added detail. Then put your dress on the right way. 


Gathered fabric at hem

7. Gather the bottom hem

This also looks cute when done at the bottom hem.


Gathered fabric on skirt

8. Gather the fabric on a skirt

This works well with long skirts too and, if you have enough fabric, you can grab a section from the top and one from lower down and tie them together in a knot. 


Gathered fabric on skirt

Or put it on inside out and gather your fabric in the center or the side. The more fabric you put in the elastic, the more dramatic it will look but it will also make your skirt shorter.


Wearing a skirt as a dress

9. Wear a skirt as a dress

Another way to wear a long skirt is as a dress, either with an elastic gathered at the waist or just with a belt.


Wearing a scarf as a top

10. Wear a square scarf as a top

Now we're moving on to scarves, where we will start with a square scarf or bandana.

Now everyone knows how to wear a scarf as a bandana top, you just fold it diagonally and tie the corners in the back or fold it down first to make it shorter. 


Wearing a scarf as a top

But you can also fold up the point and wear it as a bandeau.


Wearing a scarf as a top

Or do the same thing but twist it in the center to make it look a little bit more interesting.


Wearing a scarf as a top

11. Create a one-shoulder top

You can also do a one-shoulder look by folding the scarf diagonally, putting one corner over your shoulder then wrapping the other two around your waist. Tie them at the point, then tie the other corner in the back.


Wearing a scarf as a belt

12. Wear a scarf as a belt

One more way I like to wear a square scarf is rolled up and tied as a belt. You can leave the ends out or wrap them around.


Wearing a long scarf as a top

13. Wear a long scarf as a top

Long scarves can be worn as clothing as well. You can fold them in half and wrap them from the back, criss-cross them in the front and tie them around the back of your neck as a top.


Wearing a scarf as a dress

14. Wear a scarf as a dress

You can wrap the scarf around you and tie the ends together like a dress.


Scarf wrap skirt

Or do the same thing as a wrap skirt.


Using double-side tape

15. Use double-sided tape

Lastly, I wanted to mention double-sided clothing tape. Not only is it good for sticking clothing to yourself so it doesn't move. 


Using double-side tape

It also works well to fake a hem in a long pair of pants. Just put your pants on inside out, fold your pant legs up and tape them in place. 


DIY no-sew clothes hacks

There we have my favorite DIY clothes hacks for wearing your clothes in new ways.

By styling your clothes in these different ways, you’re able to discover just how versatile they can be and get maximum wearability out of them!

Did you enjoy these tips? Let me know your favorite one down below.

Suggested materials:
  • T-shirt
  • Elastic bands
  • Double-sided clothing tape
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