Four Shirts Four Ways ~Dark Green~

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I started seeing many fall fashion lines lately... I wanted to make something with that in mind for this shirt. The color of this t-shirt reminded me of my brown boots that would go perfect with this shirt.

Here is what I did:

{You will need}

  • Two t-shirts of the same color
  • Matching thread
  • two buttons

{How to}

1. Take one t-shirt lay it flat, then cut 5 - 2" wide loops.

2. Take two of the loops out of the five loops from step 1, cut the sides off, and cut them horizontally to make 1" wide strips. You should have 8 - 1" wide strips. You will need 7 for the front ruffles.

3. Sew in the middle of the 1" wide strips with the largest stitches on your sewing machine. Pull one thread to make ruffles. Place a ruffle in the middle of the shirt and sew it onto the shirt.

4. Make more ruffles. Make the second ruffle less ruffly than the first one(see the picture). Place it right next to the first ruffle and sew.


5. Repeat the process. From left; 1, 3, 5, 7 - less ruffly. 2, 4, 6, normal ruffle.

6. For the sleeves, find the middle and fold the sleeve like the picture to make a pleat. Sew it to secure the pleat. Add a button to hide the stitches.

7. For the bottom of the shirt, take 2 - 2 "wide loops, cut one side to make them into strips. Piece them together to make one big loop. Use the largest stitches, sew both sides of the edges. Pull one thread from both(top & bottom) to make ruffles. They won't be too ruffly, just a little bit.

For the thin ruffle above the thick ruffle, take 1 - 2" wide loop, cut in half horizontally to make a 1" wide loop. Then cut one side open to make strips. Piece these two strips together to make a loop. Sew in the middle with the largest stitches, pull one thread to make ruffles.

8. To add the thick ruffle to the shirt, twist it every now and then and pin. Sew in the middle. Also, I sewed along the big stitches that made ruffles with zig-zag stitches to give some stability and character.

Sew the thin ruffle loop in the same manner as the thick ruffle loop. With this, I only sewed the middle of the strip.

9. Ta da... It's finished!

I was thinking that I could wear this shirt paired up with a long sleeve shirt underneath or with a jacket over it. Next week is my last four shirts four ways post... I haven't decided what I am going to do, but be sure to come back to see what I am up to!

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