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I didn't have a particular design in mind for this "Four t-shirt makeover", but I remembered a shirt from JCrew that I found on their site (I couldn't find a link anymore). I used that as an inspiration, and came up with this shirt.

It is a little time consuming to cut out all the flowers, but the rest of the process is very easy to do. I will show you what I did.

{You need}

Two t-shirts of the same color

Matching thread

{How To}

1. Cut the t-shirt apart along the seam line.

2. From the back fabric, cut out 3 1/2" strips (my shirt was XS, and I was able to cut out 4 strips). Then, cut them into 20 - 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" squares.

3. From the front and sleeve fabric, cut out 3 - 3" wide strips, and 4 - 1" wide strips. Use the picture as a guide. (There is a leftover piece in the middle)

4. From the 3" wide strips cut out 20 - 3" x 3" squares.

5. Make the flower template.

6. Cut out the flowers.

7. Mark four lines lightly on the other t-shirt. They are 2" apart on mine, but after I sewed everything on, I wished that I did them a little bit closer (perhaps, 1 1/2" apart maybe?).

If, you are lucky and have more volume around your chest area, you will want more strips and have them closer together.

Stretch the 1" strips so they will become like rope. Lay them on the t-shirt where you marked.

8. Take the flowers you cut out earlier. Combine two of the same size flowers together(lay them so that the bottom petal is showing between the top petal). Pin them onto the strips and the shirt. Start with 3 1/2" flowers around the neck, then, 3" flowers towards the bottom.

9. Sew in a straight line on top of the flowers.

10. Cut the end of the strips to make the fringe.

11. For this particular shirt, I liked the sleeves a little shorter, so I folded the sleeve twice and sewed them.

12. ...and, it is done!

That's it! Like I said in the beginning of the post, if I am going to make this again I would sew those strips closer together, but I still love the shirt. It is a little different from my normal ruffle shirts, and still feminine...

Thank you for checking out my new t-shirt makeover. Meanwhile I am off to start thinking about the design for next week's t-shirt makeover!

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