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When I was brain storming some t-shirt refashion designs for the "Four Shirts Four Ways", I wanted to work with the navy shirt first, but I couldn't quite finalize the design.

I am so happy that I was able to make the shirt almost exactly the way I pictured it in my mind. It might look a little more complicated than my other ruffle shirt, but don't be afraid! It is quit simple, it is just a little time consuming when sewing the beads on, but the result is totally worth it!

Here is what I did:

{You will need}

  • 2 of the same t-shirt
  • matching thread
  • two different kind of beads

{How to}

1. Take one of the t-shirt, lay it flat on the cutting board, make sure that there are no wrinkles. Cut 4 - 2 1/4" wide strips.

2. Cut one side of the 2 1/4" loops to open the loop and make it in to strips. Piece two strips from the bottom to make a slightly larger loop, and take the other two pieces put together to make a slightly smaller loop.

3. Using large stitches, sew 1/4" from the one side and go all around the loop. Pull one thread to gather the fabric to make ruffles.

4, Pin the larger ruffled loop to the bottom (little above the seamline of the bottom) and sew. Pin the smaller ruffled loop above the first ruffle (so that the second ruffle will overlap a little with the first one) and sew.

5. Cut 2 - 1" wide loop from the t-shirt. Cut oneside open to make strips.

6. Sew in the middle of the strips in the same manner as step 3 to make ruffles.

7. Place the ruffles as you desire and pin them. It will be helpful to play around with it for a little bit to see what you like. I did mine on the left side of the neck and the right side of the bottom.

8. I wanted to make this ruffle shirt different than my other ruffle shirt, so I sewed some beads to give it a little sparkle.

9. Finished!

If you are not keen on the bead work, I think it is perfectly fine to stop at step 7. It is all up to you! Play with the ruffle strips, you might end up with something totally unique that fits your style. :)

I couldn't help but try on my new shirt... Our anniversary is comming up, this shirt might be the "one" for our date.

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