How to Paint a Spooky Spiderweb Shirt for Halloween

by Dariacreative
3 Materials
30 Minutes

It’s almost Halloween, so it’s time for me to show you how to hand paint spiders and a spiderweb on a shirt for a classy Halloween costume!

Since I’m not afraid of spiders, I’m going to paint black widow spiders on my shirt. But feel free to choose a less threatening spider for your Halloween spiderweb painting.

Tools and materials:

  • Plain white shirt
  • White, black and red fabric paint
  • Craft brushes
Sketching spider design onto shirt

1. Sketch your spider design

Start by simply drawing a light sketch of your spider design on a plain white shirt.

Painting design onto shirt

2. Paint in your design

Use a craft brush and black fabric paint to fill in your spider design.

Adding red paint

Add red paint to make some of the spider details.

Painting the spider legs

Then paint in the spider legs.

Adding a spider to the other side of the shirt

Make one spider on each side of the shirt front.

Painting a background

3. Paint a background

Use a thicker craft brush with black paint to create a background for your spiderweb. Make the background darker and denser at the collar of your shirt, and then lighter and more spread out as you go down toward the spiders.

Extending the background

Extend the background below the spiders.

Adding a butterfly

4. Add a butterfly

I used white and black paint to add a butterfly just below the collar on the front of the shirt.

Painting the spiderweb

5. Paint the spiderweb

Use liquid black fabric paint from a tube to paint a spiderweb over the black background. You can see how the spiderweb is more prominent as you look from top to bottom, where you made the background go from darker to lighter.

Creating the spiderweb

Make your spiderweb by first drawing vertical lines from the collar to below the spiders, and then connecting those lines with small curved horizontal lines.

Completed spiderweb shirt for Halloween

Spiderweb shirt

What do you think about the final effect? Maybe the butterfly takes away some of the spookiness of the black widow spiders!

Completed spiderweb shirt for Halloween

I think this is a great start to a Halloween costume, and perhaps it’s even all I need.

Let me know if you liked this spider short Halloween costume tutorial, or tried it yourself, by leaving me a comment.

Happy Halloween!

Suggested materials:
  • Plain white shirt
  • White, black and red fabric paint
  • Craft brushes

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