Billie Eilish-inspired Halloween Bandana Tutorial

by Dariacreative
3 Materials
30 Minutes

In this tutorial, I will use some Billie Eilish inspiration to make customized hand-painted bandana Halloween costumes. I am going to create designs and show you how to create these customized paintings, based on inspiration from some Billie Eilish music videos that I love.

There’s no reason these need to be worn as just Halloween costumes though. You are going to want to wear them all year long!

Tools and materials:

  • Plain white square bandanas
  • Black, white, red and gray fabric paint
  • Assorted brushes
Folding plain white bandana

“When the Party’s Over” bandana

1. Fold a plain white square bandana into a triangle

Include a piece of cardboard between the two layers.

Marking bandana

Mark on the bandana where it will hit just below your eyes, and where your mouth will be. I tied it on my first, to determine where those marks should be.

Painting tears

2. Paint tears

Use black fabric paint and a craft brush to paint in tears on the bandana below where your eyes will be.

Painting tears

Use white fabric paint and a very fine brush to add highlights to the black tears.

Adding spider mouth

3. Add a spider mouth

Use a pencil to sketch in a spider on the bandana at the position of your mouth.

Filled in spider design

Fill in the spider design with black paint.             

Adding red paint

Use gray paint to make light effects on the spider, and red paint for spider spots.

Adding white paint

Add white paint to the spider for highlights.

Creating a shadow

Make a shadow below the body of the spider and the spider legs with gray paint.

Splattering black paint

Splatter some black paint around the spider.

Creating an ombré corner

4. Create an ombré corner

Use a thick brush and black paint to create an ombré effect around the bottom corner of your bandana triangle.

Making a "Bury a Friend" bandana

"Bury a Friend” bandana

1. Fold a plain white bandana into a triangle.

Pencil in in two hands like the ones above.

Filling in hand sketches

Fill in the hand sketches with black fabric paint.

Adding highlights

2. Add highlights

Use white paint and a thin brush to paint highlights on the hands.

Adding background

3. Add background

Use a wide brush and black paint to add some background to the bottom corner of the bandana and around the lower part of the hands.

Splattering the bandana

4. Splatter the bandana

Splatter black paint on the bandana around the hands.

Adding blood stains

5. Blood stains for Halloween

Use red paint to add some blood that will appear under your nose. This is inspired by Billie Eilish’s Bad Guy music video.

Adding shadowing

6. Add shadowing

Use gray paint to add some shadowing around the fingers.

Completed Billie Eilish Halloween bandana

Halloween bandana

Here is my completed Halloween bandana, inspired by Billie Eilish’s “When the Party’s Over” video.

Completed Billie Eilish Halloween bandana

And here’s the one that was inspired by the “Bury a Friend” and “Bad Guy” videos.

Do you think they are scary or just fun for Halloween? Leave a comment to let me know which one you liked best, and if you tried either of these Billie Eilish-inspired Halloween bandana costumes.

For more Halloween ideas, check out my previous tutorial on how to paint a spooky spiderweb shirt for Halloween.

Suggested materials:
  • Plain white square bandanas
  • Black, white, red and gray fabric paint
  • Assorted brushes

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